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Many believe the age of 50 to be the ideal time to stop working, retire, and start planning to enjoy the rest of our lives in tranquility. In particular, society considers women above 50 to be physically weak and economically unproductive.

Nevertheless, women in the modern era defy traditional beliefs and reach new milestones even after being over 50. Prominent figures like Kamala Harris, Taina Bien-Aimé, and many more are setting examples for older women to break out of their shells. With a well-balanceddiet and regular exercise, even older women can achieve greatness.

Australian fitness guru Schellea Fowler is one of those internet personalities devoted to inspiring senior women in their 50s and beyond to achieve a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Through her YouTube channel, Fabulous 50, Fowler regularly shares health tips and tricks while encouraging mature women to develop a positive mindset.

In addition, Schellea is dedicated to creating a cheerful and livelyspace online for women over 50. Today, let us uncover Schellea Fowler's biography and discover what motivated her to embark on this journey.

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Early Years of Schellea Fowler

In November 1966, Schellea was born to her parents in Australia. However, not much has been discovered about her childhood. Besides, she has not shared any detailsabout her mother or father in her videos.

Nevertheless, considering Schellea devotion to fitness and a productive lifestyle, her parents must haveinfluenced her.

In one of her videos, Fowlermentioned that she was always interested in beautiful clothes and makeup products while growing up. Similarly, she also added she was fond of transforming hairs during her young age.

A Versatile Career

Before becoming famous for her at-home workout videos, Schellea owned many small businesses and successfully operated them for most of her life. Together with her husband, she co-owned and invested in multiple ventures.

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Career As A Businesswoman

Following her marriage, Schellea and her spouse bought a cafe somewhere on the Australian beach. At the time, Fowlerwas in her early 20s. So as a young entrepreneur, she had neither experience on how to handle a business nor run a cafe.

Nevertheless, Schellea, alongside her husband, endured the early days as a young entrepreneur and learned through real-life experience. Eventually, they successfully turned their little investment into a full-fledged business module.

Afterward, the Fowler couple established numerous small businesses and ran them efficiently. In one of her videos, Schellea informed that her last business was a holiday park on the coast of New Wales. Furthermore, she ultimately turned the park into a resort.

Career As A YouTuber

After working as a businesswoman for more than three decades, Schellea finally decided to retire in her early 50s. However, she was always fond of sharing her ideas and encouraging women to love themselves. As such, she had previously created Fabulous 50s.

When her children all moved out of the house, Schellea felt lonely and depressed. Aforementioned, she was always interested in beauty hacks and fitness activities. At this point, she decided to open her own YouTube channel and share the knowledge she had accumulated for years.

Schellea Fowler Biography - Net Worth, Career, Husband, Family, Fabolous50, Wiki | eBiographyPost (1)

After retiring as a successful entrepreneur, Schellea Fowler decided to open a YouTube channel to share health and beauty tips with women in their 50s and beyond. Photo Source: Schellea's Instagram.

Consequently, in June 2017, she created a YouTubechannel and named it Fabulous 50. Here, she providestips and tricks to aid women in their 50s and beyond achieve a healthier lifestyle by simply adopting a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

Although Schellea's initial days as a YouTuber were not rewarding. Butshe eventually collaborated with other personalities on the platform and got exposure to an international audience. People soon began to discover her channel and started praising her principle and values.

As of September 2021, Fabulous 50 has over 1.27 million subscribers. Schellea has been able to tap into a niche industry of senior women and has garnered acclaim from many prominent figures.

Moreover, Fowler is counted among the fitness instructor who has strayed away from the traditional route. Stephanie Buttermore is one other fitness expert and YouTuber who has focused on having a healthy body rather than a traditionally fit body.

Schellea Fowler Net Worth And Earnings

Yoga instructor Schellea Fowler has established herself as a prominent figure among health and beauty YouTubers. Her fame skyrocketed overnight and garnered her huge fan following. Thus, her admirers worldwide are curious to learn about all the fortunes she has amassed over the years.

Here, we will look at Schellea Fowler's net worth and break down her various sources of income.

Earnings As A Businesswoman

As previously stated, Schellea pursued her career as an entrepreneur for many years. During those days, she owned several small ventures and successfully turned them into fully grown business operations.

Even though Schellea's exact income is unknown, she must have collected a hefty sum of cash from those businesses. Moreover, being the owner, she was entitled to all the profits and revenue.As a result, Schellea Fowler's fortunemust have benefitted from her early career as a businesswoman.

Earnings As A Health Vlogger

Following her retirement, Schellea created her own YouTube channel, Fabulous 50, in 2017. While promoting healthy aging for women in their 50s, she garnered immense success and fame.

Schellea Fowler Biography - Net Worth, Career, Husband, Family, Fabolous50, Wiki | eBiographyPost (2)

Australia-based YouTuber Schellea Fowler has amassed a sizeable net worth thanks to her income as a successful entrepreneur and health vlogger. Photo Source: Schellea's Instagram.

According to Social Blade, Schellea earns around $870 to $13.9K from her YouTube channel alone. Besides, she must have partnered with numerous other health brands and products, making her a couple of thousand dollars.

Similarly, Schellea has created two ebooks, "A Guide To Meditation." and "A Guide To Staying Younger Longer." Therefore, she must have generated decent wealth from sales of her ebooks.

Therefore, Schellea Fowler's net worth has been significantly influenced by her work as a fitness influencer and YouTuber.

Who is Schellea Fowler's Husband?

Even though she often talks about adopting a healthier and productive lifestyle, yoga instructor Schellea has remained tight-lipped about her love life and romantic endeavors. Nonetheless, netizens have discovered her long-term marriage with Kris Fowler; a former entrepreneur turned fitness trainer.

The Australian-based YouTuber further mentioned that she met her sweetheart when she was 18. Although not much has been uncovered about the couple's dating life, they likely dated for a brief period before tying the knot. Nowadays, Schellea Fowler's husband works as afitness trainer and frequently travels around the world.

More than three decades have passed since Schellea's marriage. Over the years, the duo has developed a strong relationship which is evident by their Instagram posts. The husband-and-wife duo nowjointly advocates a healthy lifestyle through nutritious intake and routine exercise.

Doting Mother Of Three

Schellea and Kris welcomed their first child in 1994, whom they named Nathan Fowler. Only a year later, they had their second son, Luke Fowler. Finally, Zach Fowler, the last member of the family, was born in 1999.

Schellea Fowler Biography - Net Worth, Career, Husband, Family, Fabolous50, Wiki | eBiographyPost (3)

Fabulous 50 creator Schellea Fowler shares a deep and affectionate bond with her three sons. Photo Source: Schellea's Instagram.

The vlogger seems to be caring and affectionate towards her children. Similarly, her sons are also really close to her as they regularly visit her even after being grown up and have relocated to different places.

Schellea must have had a heavy influence on her children as all of them are fitness freaks. Additionally, her eldest son is a health brand owner and married another fitness blogger, Andressaa Venancio.

Fowler has raised a lovely family who shares the common principle of achieving a healthy lifestyle through nutritious food and regular exercise. We wish them all long-term prosperity and hope to see more of them in the upcoming days.

Fun Facts And Trivia

  • Schellea is an avid Instagram user, boasting over 65K followers.
  • Fowler stands at 5 feet and 3 inches tall.


Who is Schellea Fowler? ›

Schellea is a fitness and health guru best known for her at-home workouts in everything from yoga and daily stretching to body toning and HIIT workouts. We love — her passion and fully support her mission to create a healthy and positive space online that is exclusive to 50+ women.

Who is the lady on Fabulous 50? ›

About. Schellea Fowler is an energetic 50 something year old who is passionate about health, beauty, wellness and happiness. Schellea has created Fabulous 50s as a platform where women can go to for inspiration, motivation and gratitude about life in their 50s and beyond.

How old is Fabulous Fifties? ›

Fabulous 50s was conceived as a platform where women can go for inspiration, motivation and gratitude about life in their 50s and beyond. Fabulous50s ethos is 50+ is an age where women are able to become their true selves, honour who they are and express all the beauty and vitality they embody.

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