Calcarea Fluorica Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients (2023)

Calcarea Fluorica Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients (1)

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Marcelle ( United States )

17 Apr 2017

I am trying to understand the proper dosage to take calcare fluorica? I would like to utilize it for fibroids, cracked skin, flexibility, and joints. I have looked online for a list of the dosages but I don't see enough information on this topic.


27 Apr 2017

Self medication is not advocated, specially homeopathy. This site is for reference only. Calcarea Fluorica, if taken in wrong potency or repeated too often may harm the patient irreversibly. Let us know your exact problem, we may be able to help.
Mention all the symptoms in detail.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.


08 Dec 2019

Is it recommended for Breast fibradenoma?


10 Dec 2019

Hello Julie The issue you have mentioned is a non-cancerous lump. It is advised not to do anything as it won't pose any problem to your body. However, a physical diagnosis is recommended to check the present state of the lump and if the lump is benign or cancerous. Further assistance is based on that. Write back in the forum with diagnosis report.


13 Jul 2020

what if it is a bengin?than is it recomemded?to dissolve those lumps..because we want to cure it here only becuse we have a stong history of braest cancer


13 Jul 2020

Dear Elle, If a lump is benign, it is advised not to do anything. However, You can take Wheatgrass juice as it is a super-effective immunity booster and recommended for serious conditions. So to avoid one, you can start it. Early morning, 30 ml juice of Wheatgrass. Carrot juice is one of the fighting herb. Take 1 glass daily.
Write back for further suggestions.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.


19 Nov 2020

can you sugest me a dr in karachi pakistan
im using calcaium fluoratum for breast lump that is non cancerous. size 4 cm and there are 8 more of these in different sizes..i want a dr that can recommend me best medician for this problem


20 Jul 2017

Sir I have multiple cyst on my scrotum last 4years.i already taken calcaria flour 30x last 7 days befor it right medicine?


12 Nov 2019

4-5 tab,.............................

S nath

16 Mar 2018

take four pills daily

Sanjay Gupta

08 Sep 2017

Sir I m suffering from multiple Lipoma....and I have taken advise from online to take medicine...of homeopathic as per advise R-17 Germany and calceria floura 12 x from today I have cure this is beneficial for me or not.?

A Charan

24 Apr 2018

I have been prescribed the same recently for multiple lipoma. I have been having it for two weeks now. Please let me know your experience with it Sanjay


10 Oct 2020

Lipoma best medicine lapis albus 30ch


05 Jul 2018

Hi does it help in lipoma?

William Dorn ( TN )

05 May 2017

How much to take for spinal stenosis.

Arvind Patidar (indian traditional spine expert )

07 Jul 2017

Avena sativa Q 5drops 2times , berberis vulgaris Q 2drops 6 time 1month

Manjit singh

27 Sep 2017

Sir mere lower back pain and stiffness rehta hair hamesha plz tell me medicine for it


15 May 2017

Did someone recommend you this herb ?

Anita Stevens ( Ohio )

06 May 2017

Is this benefical for osteoporosis. If so, home much should e taken.


15 May 2017

What all other symptoms have you observed ?
Since, Calc Flour. is a hmeopathic remedy, so it is important to know all the symptoms before you try this.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Jagdish Verma ( India )

16 May 2017

Is calcarea Flourica 6x suitable for 4 years child for hard stony gland on neck. Please tell me?

Rian Jagroop

17 May 2017

No. Please, do not use homeopathy on your child on your own.
Do consult a doctor before you try, as in this case you need to be very very cautious of the dose. The dose should be exact. Only use it if an expert recommends you.

Sudip deb

30 May 2018

Sir, my 7 month old daughter suffering from hemangioma and I m giving allophty medicine to her. Can I give calcarea fluoricia3x to my child also along with allphaty medicine

Sudip deb

16 Jun 2018

Waiting for your rply

Manohar Chandrashekar ( Dubai )

19 May 2017

Can CF be used for sciatica for spine low back disc bulge ussues.

R.k arora ( India/haryana )

22 May 2017

Is calcera flour useful for lump in chest of man(breast)

Subarto Bishwas ( Kolkata )

30 May 2017

Mr. Rk. For you to take a homeopathic remedy, it is important that you first enlist all the symptoms that you are suffering from. The symptoms may be of the mind, abdomen , face, head, throat, etc.
Until you do not provide information about your disease, a cure can not be recommended.
I wonder how people prescribe a homeopathic remedy, just by looking into the one, cardinal symptom ( that is prominent to the patient ), what about other hidden symptoms ?

Subarto Bishwas ( Kolkata )

30 May 2017

So, Sir. Please share :
Have you ever suffered from Hydrocele, Difficulty in breathing ?
Have you noticed your tongue, is it cracked without pain ?
Do you suffer from Indigestion also, or fatigue ?
Burning sensation in throat ?
Do you experience unrefreshing sleep, with vivid dreams ?
Any disease associated with Bones ?

Suraj Thirani ( India/Rajasthan )

22 May 2017

What is the correct dose of Calcarea Fluorica 200x for an adult male and how many times does the dose has to be taken?


30 May 2017

What is the disease that you are suffering from ?
A remedy can not be suggested, if we do not know the cause of the disease or the name of the disease.
Please share the name of the disease and also, write to us all the symptoms, that you might have experienced so far.
It is important to know all the symptoms of yours prior to the prescription of the remedy and the dosage.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Sarah Abbas

08 Sep 2018

Sir mujhe varicose ulcers no problem ha .ma ne surgery bhej krwai oak tang no mgr koi raids and ulcers ma bout burning or pain hkia varicose veins there ho skit than doc mujhe calc flour advise ki ha

Donna ( Tennessee/usa )

30 May 2017

I read on another website that I should take Calcarea Fluorica 6c , 1x every 12 hrs. for 2 weeks, for xanthelasma on my eyelids. Would you agree?

Jha Prataap ( Gujarat. Phd )

14 Jun 2017

The dosage depends on the degree of severity of disease. On, the constitution of the person and on the present symptoms. So, if you wish to know the exact dosage, then share all the symptoms.

Marcelle ( United States )

01 Jun 2017

I have fibroids that I would like to get rid of and I also need to have more flexibility due to being 49 years old? does this herb help with these situations and what would be the recommended dosage?

Taruna Rao ( India )

14 Jun 2017

Fibroids can be in the uterus, Lungs or in the Brain. So what is your affected organ ?
Please share the organ name and the symptoms in detail. Do you suffering from any skin disorder also? Ulcers ? Warts or Depression ?
I would need to know all the physical as well as mental symptoms that you have faced so far.

Gurjeet Kaur from India punjab

15 Sep 2018

I have multiple fibroids in my uterus. Dr has suggested homeopathic medicine as calcarea fluorica 6X, and cobralactin R17 ' and fraxinus Americana Q20 drops. Will it work.? Dr said it will delute fibroids and will release it from body. my menses period

Bina kirtania

30 Jul 2019

Uterus fibroids hoyeche please amake bole din kivabe ami valo jabo Amar age 24 years please please

Marcelle ( United States )

01 Jun 2017

I meant to mention that it is uterine fibroids


14 Jun 2017

Have a cup of Chasteberry tea every day or Have 10 drops of tincture in a glass of water 2 times in a day. Or you can also have dried chasteberries 5 to 10 in a day.
Buy Angelica Sinensis mother tincture and have 10 drops in a glass of water 2 times in a day.
Have a cup of Ginger tea every day. Follow this regimen for 1 month and see the results.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Mohd Asif Iqbal

18 Apr 2019

Calcarea fluorica kamar Dard Mai lai saktai hai

Dinesh Kumar ( India )

09 Jun 2017

(Video) Video-4 | Benefits of Kali Phos | Prof. Hakim M Shafi Talib Qadri

Hello Doctor
I am a 43 old male with diabetic, hypertension, spondylitis and vasovagal symptoms. Recently I have diagnosed with fatty liver grade -3, but after extensive workout and diet control it revert back to grade -1 and I am continuing on this. I am taking herbal medicines for diabetic and fatty liver / hypertension along with R-40. Also I have swelling / edema in my both legs since 10 years approx. I have undergone kidney function test so many times but it comes absolutely normal even micro albumin is with normal limits. Also because of my sitting job I am suffering from spondylitis since 10 years and now this problem goes severe as I have pain in my hands chest / neck and vasovagal effects very frequently.

Also due to extensive brick walk my calcaneal spur problem increased very moderately and I have pain in my ankles. I have been suggest to take calcarea Fluor 6X for one month (4 tab tds). I request you to please give an opinion on this

Current Medication
IME9 (Herbal), Arjun (Herbal), R40 (Homeo) – Diabetes
Liv-52 (Herbal), Silymarin (140mg), Ursodeoxycholic Acid (300300mg) (Allopathic) – Fatty Liver

Kindly help me by prescribing some medicine to overcome.

Amritansh khare ( India/uttar pradesh )

14 Jun 2017

I have pain and swelling in my zygomatic bone and the left part of my face is seems to be enlarged as compared to right side. Please suggest me treatment of it

Ankit Tiwari ( UK )

05 Jul 2017

Please bear the pain. I do not think you should take any homeopathic remedy for it. The enlarged face is due to the swelling. Do not worry. Once, the swelling goes, the face would begin to look normal all over again.

Sriniwas ( India )

10 Jul 2017

I am suffering from right adrenal gland tumer but this is non functional as per medanta hospital gurgaon last one month.What is best treatment for adrenal gland tumer in homeopathy or hurbpatchy.

Radhika Chatterjee ( India (Kolkata) )

18 Jul 2017

I am having a long lump in my left breast. The lump is not painful to touch and is rubbery in texture and moves when touched. I face discomforts in my breast as well with occasional pain. Both my breasts are kind of lumpy . I am 22 years old. Could this medicine help me in any way?


16 Nov 2017

Hey just read ur message. Did u get it checked. Just wanted to know as I have a similar issue in my right breast and am taking homeopathy medicine for the same. My lump is not long though n is little painful n small

Amit ( India /hyderabad )

20 Jul 2017

Sir I have multiple cyst in my scrotum both uper site last 4 years.some cyst are hard.and swelling left sperm count is verry blood pressure normal.i already taken rhododendron 200,then 6x.pulsatilla 30.Sulpher 200.thuja 200.but this medicine r failure,not working for me.last 7 days I taking calcaria flour 30x 3 tablets 2 times in a day before meal.I am verry depressed.already 2 doctor didn't helped me. .what will i do ???plsss dr help me, and suggest me any medicine.

Ramoliya chetan ( India )

16 Aug 2017

Sir, I am 37yrs old. I have benign tumour under my right year and between jaw line.can I take cal flour and conium maculatum? Plz suggest dose of these medicines?

Vidhya ( India tamilnadu )

19 Aug 2017

Sir. I am 42. Female. I have been suffering with heel spur for 3 years. I had steroid injection once got relief for 6 months.again I got back pain and I could not keep my leg down while getup from the bed .while standing and walking pain becomes worse.could you pls suggest me a homeo medicine and pls suggest the dosage and how long should take the medicine

Yogesh Mehra

09 Sep 2018

Shock wave therapy is a good cure for your problem. Please try with a good orthopedic doctor who has this machine. 3 sitting are enough.

P. Y. Kumar ( INDIA/Odisha )

20 Aug 2017

Sir, I suffer vitamin D defficincy so request you suggest medicine

Yogesh Mehra

09 Sep 2018

Please sit for 15 minutes in early morning sunshine and do some reading or exercise daily.

Rintu Chowdhury ( India/Jharkhand )

30 Aug 2017

Sir ,I found lipomia (lump) in my back, After discussion with doctor & cleared it by doing USG. Now I want to treat it into Homeopathy. One of my brother who bids of knowledge in homeopathy suggest me to take CALCAREA FLOURCIA 12X. Sir I need your advise to have this medicine twice in a day ,is it benefit or can be any other side effect of wrong medicine choice?

Harish Dhanrajani ( India Maharashtra )

06 Sep 2017

I am suffering from heel spurs in both the heels, having pain in heels n can't walk. In morning it's very painful. Can I take calcarea fluorica 6X


15 Sep 2017

Yes, you may take Cal Flor 6x. excellent remedy for your condition, Heel spurs.

Ritu Verma ( India )

12 Sep 2017

I have fibroadenomae, multiple lumps are there in my breast, once it has been operated too but growing again, what should be the dosage for me, my age is 27yrs?


19 Mar 2018

Did they ever tell you what to use for your fibroadenoma. My daughter has a benign hard one. Can you share what they suggested and if it worked....deeply appreciate it.


15 Sep 2017

Do you crave for eggs, sugar or milk ?
DId you eat chalks, lead, sand in your childhood. Were you fat and flabby in your childhood?
Did you suffer from tonsillitis in your childhood. Please share these symptoms...

Arun k ( India )

12 Sep 2017

Ive had chalezion on upper eye lid right side since 6 months now. Size is increasing slowly. What do I do to make it dissappear pls?

Komal Lamba ( Delhi )

11 Oct 2017

No medicine is recommended for this. The best cure is hot-wet fermentation, three times a day for 20 days.

Neelam ( India Madhya Pradesh )

17 Sep 2017

Is it used to treat keloid?

Nidhi Sood

11 Oct 2017

Apply lemon juice over the marks, daily for a month. Soak the Orange peel in warm water for 20 minutes. Wash the affected area with water every day.

Giriraj saini ( India )

21 Sep 2017

I have 8 solid tumors under the skin in body what drugs use to treat

Manjit ( India Punjab )

27 Sep 2017

Sir I am suffering from lower back pain and stiffness so please tell me better medicine


11 Oct 2017

The lower back pain can be cured by herbs like Garlic, Boswellia capsules and Ginger tea, every day for a month.

Ravi Raj Bajaj ( India|/Delhi )

01 Oct 2017

Sir, I am taking calcarea flurica 12X three times a day for one year for a lesion in stomach. What are the side effects of this medicine? Can it cause in making of cancerous mass? Please indicate very clearly.

Thanking very much.

Ravi Bajaj

Chandan ( Pune )

14 Nov 2017

Please stop taking the medicine now. Homeopathy is not supposed to be taken for this long. Infact, one dose is good ebough and when you take another dose, the disease might be grafted on you. Please stop takeing it. DO not take any remedy now. Go for the test and share the feedback. I hope you were recommended this remedy by an expert in Homeopathy.

Nhu ( Uk )

25 Oct 2017

I'm 47 years old, mother of 3 children. I suffer from slightly uterine prolapsed. Due to this I suffer from lower back aches, discharge and discomfort of bearing down when standing for long or being physically active. Lying down improves the situation. I also have dry palms & my feet ache sometimes. My stomach feels blotted as the problem gets worse. I guess my pelvis muscles are weak. Please suggest a remedy that can make my uterus go back to its place. Thanks

Vidhya ( India )

14 Nov 2017

Nhu. You may take Astragalus tea, one cup daily for a month and buy Manjakani. It is the best herb for Uterus and the disorders associated with it. Buy Manjakani capsules from the internet and take, one daily for a month. You may also use the Herb in the form of decoction. Please visit the herb Manjakani on this website and go through the reviews, you will find the ways to take Manjakni in different forms available. Manjaknai helped me in toning my Uterus muscles and also, it cured my loose Vagina.

Sangeeta ( India )

03 Nov 2017

Sir my husband 50 years old is patient of ankylosing spondylitis since 1999.please suggest medicine

Sangeeta ( India )

03 Nov 2017

Sir my husband 50 years old is patient of ankylosing spondylitis since 1999.please suggest medicine

Prakash ( India )

07 Nov 2017


I have multiple lipoma on arms and legs. Could you please advise whether Calcarea fluorica advisible to cure lipoma or not?
I am type 2 diabetic as well for which I am taking Mopaday tablet.
Thanks in advance.



14 Nov 2017

Prakash. You may buy Galium Aparine tincture from a homeopathic store, take 5 drops of it every day for a month. Have a shot of Wheatgrass juice every morning for a month. it is an excellent cure for Lipoma. Ginger tea, one cup daily. Use Hemp oil in your diet, add a little to your salad to cure Lipoma.

ASIT chanda ( India )

11 Nov 2017

Facing cholesterol problem. LDL -134, Total Cholesterol -215, HDL - 41, Triglycerides -- 193, Non DHL Cholesterol - 174. So pls. suggest medicine for this.

Debra bish ( United States )

16 Nov 2017

Hi ,my front bottom teeth are loose-particularly one of them-along the gum line the enamel washes away from my teeth -I have gum disease but only now in front bottom whayt potency of calc fluoride do i take how often

Geeta sharma ( INDIA )

26 Nov 2017

Hi I am suffering with the oral fibroids in my mouth due to which my mouth opening is very less.when I checked online I came to know about calc flour 6x .Can you please suggest me if this medicine is beneficial n pl tell me right dose of it. Along with this I was suggested to take nix vomica 200. Pl suggest.


19 Dec 2017

Geeta. Sorry for the delay. We would like to know the following symptoms please answer-- Mentally active or Dull ? Are you agrressive or calm Are you thirsty or thirstless? Hot or Chilly ?
Fastidious or No ? Cheerful or Cheerless ? And are there any other physical symptoms that you might have observed, other than the fibroids. ?

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Geeta sharma ( India )

04 Dec 2017

Hi sir I had a query which I asked online on 26 Nov.2017. Sir pl answer it. We r waiting.


19 Dec 2017

Geeta. Sorry for the delay. We would like to know the following symptoms please answer-- Mentally active or Dull ? Are you agrressive or calm Are you thirsty or thirstless? Hot or Chilly ?
Fastidious or No ? Cheerful or Cheerless ? And are there any other physical symptoms that you might have observed, other than the fibroids. ?

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Kaushal Shah ( Mumbai )

07 Dec 2017

I have a problem in my right knee where it causes mild to moderate pain even without any specific overuse or exercise. It does develop stiffness and pain after driving. Pain is currently only in the right knee. Its been on and off since last 10 years. Had been diagnosed with Oestro Arthritis. I am 43 years of age and have been having normal calcium levels but low Vitamin D from time to time inspite of exposure to the sun during 1 hour daily morning walk. I am currently taking Vitamin D supplements. I have been recommended Calcarea Phosphorica 6x and Calcarea Fluorica 6x as remedy for the knee pain. Is this a suitable line of treatment? How long would i need to take it before knowing whether this is going to work out or not? Thanks..


19 Dec 2017

No. Please. We do not recommend that you should take the homeopathic remedies that have been recommended to you. Before any suggestion, we would need to know the following things about your knee pain--- Is the knee pain all the time or only after exertion ? Does the pain increase and then slowly decrease ? Does the pain happen specifically during any time of the day, like, forenoon, night or evening ?
Does the pain get better by warmth or does it increase ?
Please be specific about this pain............

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Aish ( India )

(Video) Folic Acid Tablets Benefits in Urdu, Side Effects, How To Use

14 Dec 2017

I had fibroadenoma of breast.which is very big and 25yrs there any treatment in homeo

Amit ( India )

17 Dec 2017

I have sinusitis in my right nose. on CT scan it shows 1 polyp, high density mass growth in sphenoid sinus with slight bone remodeling and posterior ethemoid sinus. Allopathy doctor suggests surgury. My homeopathy doctor suggested Calcarea flurica. Do you think it will help? Please guide me.

Naila ( Pakistan )

23 Dec 2017

How much dose for breast fibroadenoma?

Pearl ( INDIA )

29 Dec 2017

i have small dot keloid on my chest (near neck) . and i am taking CF 6X as suggested on youtube by dr. vikram . i am taking another medicine like thuja and silicea drop as suggested. so whole homeopathy course i am taking for my keloid treatment . is it realiable ??

PB ( Kolkata, WB )

02 Jan 2018


I have been suffering from pain on both my heels for nearly 5 years now. I have done xrays and have consulted an Orthopedic, who diagnosed the following for each of my feet


Symptoms - Major swelling on the left side of the heel, around the ankle region. Stiffness and pain on the heel and along the achilles tendon. Pain is most after prolonged period of rest, like after waking up in the morning. Pain alleviates after walking for a while and comes back strongly after I rest my feet after a walk.

Diagnosis - Haglund's deformity and small calcaneal spurs.

Meds - HCQS 200mg - 2x a day; Altraday 1 after dinner and application of Systaflam Gel 2x a day.


Symptom - Minimal swelling. Pain and stiffness as like the left foot.

Diagnosis - Small inferior calcaneal spur and Prominent posterior calcaneal spur.

Medication - Advised the same medication for another 2 months.

I am 37 yrs old, overweight and apart from this heel condition, I do not have any other medical condition.

Looking for a permanent solution to the heel problem. I have heard that Calcarea Flour is a very effective homeopathic medicine for dissolving the spurs and I am interested to know abt it.


14 Jan 2018

Can anyone suggest the successful treatment of Dupuytren Contracture by Homeopathic Medicine.
Thank you


22 Jan 2018

Can you use calcarea fluorica to help tinnitis?

Manisha ( India )

26 Jan 2018

I am suffering from anal fistula and anal fissures since last month. Any body please help me for god sake.


13 Mar 2018

take fiber food and loads of water,and use this medicine nd ointment

Janette ( CO, USA )

30 Jan 2018

I have scoliosis, bunion, sensitivity and degredation of my teeth and am prone to back aches. I have acne and scarring from acne on my face and body and am prone to flaky patches on my skin. What dose would you recommend?

Dan runghen ( Mauritius )

04 Feb 2018

My name is dan,40 yrs old ,unmarried and i've just discovered that i've uterine fibroid of 10cm..i suffer from anaemic,throat problem,and heavy mens.pls help as i still believe in your medicines.

Imam hasan

11 Feb 2018

Fraxinus americana 20 droup 1/2 cup water 3,time N calcariya fluorica 6x 4 tab 3 time 1/2 cup light hot wTer Thuja occ-200 2 droup 2 time

Karthikeyan ( India/chennai )

11 Feb 2018

I have been advised my homeo doctor to give this to my dad.
Who is Parkinson patient.
Whether it is advisable.

Swarnabbh ( India)

14 Feb 2018

No. Please do not give any homeopathic remedy to your father without the advice of an expert. By, an expert I mean, really and EXPERT, not just any homeopath. DO NOT !!


16 Feb 2018

Sir my age 24 .i am suffering from recurrent disv herniation from 9 month. When i started I fell severe backache on my lumber.after rest it decrease. I fell tightness on my back when i walk 2 to 5 minute. Mri showing again herniation on opreated disc.main pain is that when i walk 2 to 5 minute i fell severe backache. Right side waist is also fell achy and tightness.


19 Feb 2018

Female 47 age, suffering from Vericose veins problem and have ulcer on the leg at lower side, also have Rheumatoid arthritis

suggest good remedy


22 Feb 2018

Eat 5- 10 Blackberries every day. Have Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 teaspoons every day for a month. Hamemelis Virginiana is very effective remedy for curing Varicose Veins. Have 5 drops of this tincture added to half a glass of water for 20 days.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Manoj ( UAE )

27 Feb 2018

Homeopathy treatment for kidney cyst Type 1


08 Mar 2018

Manoj, it is too dangerous to prescribe a homeopathic remedy on the basis of one and one symptom alone.
Homeopathic remedy cannot be recommended without knowing the totality of symptoms. Also, it is suggested that you please send other symptoms as well, including, physical and mental, both. Only then an appropriate remedy can be suggested.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Sir.. .. I am suffering in tooth flourasis .. And Tooth Flourasia balecome at severe stage... plzz recomended me the homeopathic medicine... Rana imran

Devon A ( MD )

12 Mar 2018

I'm 27 and I've stumbled upon a case of Exostosis in my mouth last night.
I panicked, but I quickly thought to myself wait my Mother has used Natural remedies forever!.
I'm wondering if Calcarea Flourica will take them away completely, or if any?
and what dosage can I take for this?

Marion Davies ( United Kingdom )

16 Mar 2018

Hallo, could you please advise me as to whether calcarea fluorica is effective for removing cataracts?
Many thanks,
Marion Davies

FibroidFree ( USA )

20 Mar 2018

Very hard, very large uterine fibroids. I am interested in Calcarea fluorica, is this correct? and at what dosage. Thanks in advance!

Mili Rocks ( India )

11 Apr 2018

What will be the correct medicine for hemorroids i had taken ofloxacin ornidazole for 3 days for stomach infection and then drank a little water for that 3 days and roamed a lot in the sun and the third day i hot one hemorroid will it go away on it as own what shall I do there wasn't any hemmorroid before pls help.

Kamlesh Agrawal ( India/u.p )

14 Apr 2018

Iam suffering from cervical pain mostly nowadays at left shoulder and side bone.Also some sugar problem fasting 132 . I am using syzinum and gymnema q twice 15 drop. For cervical pain stiffness in shoulder and chest above bone . After more than 2 month homeo treatment from Dr. Nothing cure. Just online searching i have taken roota 1m once a week and Rushtox 30 & broynia 30 twice a day. Earlier i got relief but from 2 days it again painful. In blood path test sodium 132 and calcium10.20. for cervical i also use Spondin and vertifine also . Sometimes i feel better another times feels acute pain . Please guide me for cervical pain alongwith backach .
Sugar 132.

Ashish Mishra

18 Apr 2018

Sir i m suffering from chronic supprative otitis media for last 8 month in left ear and also left maxillary sinusitis for last 3 year. After a viral fever , Cold, cough i suffered CSOM. I tried pulsatilla, calcaria sulph, CF, and other medicine as prescribed by homeopathic doctor. But i got no relief. What should i do?

Akgupta ( Bihar,India )

28 Apr 2018

Prohibited food for this medicine and good food for this


08 May 2018

I am a woman of 34 years of age. I have severe hair loss and thr allopathic doctors have diagnosed it to be alopecia. Kindly suggest a good homeopathy medicine for the same as i am scared of the side effects of the allopathic medicines. Thank you.

Azra Sayyed ( India / Maharashtra )

10 May 2018

I am a 31 year old pregnant women of 2months.
I am suffering from lower back pain, constipation and tooth anamel problems. Can I take Calcaria flour 200, does it can effect on my 2 months of pregnancy. Hope for. An early reply.

Surendra Kumar ( India Chattisgarh )

21 May 2018

Sir my name is surendra kumar dewangan from Chattisgarh. Sir my elder brother hav a brain tumor. Sir i want to treatment to medicine sir plzz need help. Which medicine to purchase plzz need help..

Rashmi ( India )

23 May 2018

I have Lpp that is hyper pigmentation without rash which is spreading from upper back to neck and now to started from the age of 12 years and now I m 40 years old.i have started taking antiamonium crudum 1m 5 drops in the morning.calcarea Fluorica200 and arsenicomalbum 200 afternoon and night 5 drops's prescribed by the doctor only....I want to know if it is right treatment.

Ssharma ( India )

24 May 2018

is it helpful for pcod in women?

Sudip deb ( Assam )

30 May 2018

Sir, my daughter age is 7 months suffer from hemangioma in her lips. I started allopathey medicine from last one n half months. Can I give calcarea fluoricia3x to my child also along with allophatey. Plz guide me sir.

Agata ( United Kingdom )

31 May 2018

how to take calcanea fluorica for utrine fibroids?

Jason ( Philippines )

02 Jun 2018

Sir, i am suffering avascular necrosis. is it advisable to take calcarea flourica 6x as iread inthe internet the benefits of this. The orthopaedician advised me to undergo surgical operation toatl hip replacement that is not affordable for me. i was so scared to this coz i dont know what should might be happen after the surgery. if it is possible for me do i know the dosage of it? thanx.

Deepak ( India )

02 Jun 2018

Sir I am suffering from varicose vain from 8 months. Is this medicine is useful in this disease . Howmany tome will be taken

Sudhanshu Gupta ( INDIA )

04 Jun 2018

Dear Sir,
I am having multiple small gall blader stones,
sir, can they be safely removed by heomopathy.
Plese advice the treatment.
S.Gupta, Dehradun

Sadaf iqbal ( Pakistan )

08 Jun 2018

I have a hard lump on my arm for 3 years its painless infact i dont know when it long cal.flour will take to dissolve it nd what dosage should i take.

Anupam chowdhury ( India )

16 Jun 2018

i have a hard lump mass like benign tumor in my right leg right ankle for 5 months. suddenly in one night it become painfull and started to spread in foot. By taking some homeo medicine for 6 days it become like before. stop from spreading and pain. can i treat this tumor using only calcarea fluorica avoiding 5 medicines. i am a 27 years male.

Mama Yusuf ( Lagos Nigeria )

09 Jul 2018

I have a female Pug, six human years old, whose hind legs have become weak. Can you suggest a treatment for her, please.

Nitika Gupta ( India / Haryana )

12 Jul 2018

(Video) Calcarea Phosphorica 6x homeopathic medicine uses , benefits in hindi

Sir ,
Is Calcaera Fluorica good for restoration of teeth enamel and whether it's also useful for embolization ( stops the growth ) done for Uterine Fibroid .Will it shrink the fibroid.


20 Jul 2018

I have heel spur in right heel. My age is 46 years. Suffering pain while walking, standing and it spreads to Achilles tendon . Please suggest me the potency and dose of calcaera flourica.

Fatima Aqib ( Philippines )

22 Jul 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

My mother was diagnosed of calcaneal spur and as per her doctor there is no medication for this. I searched in the internet the medication and luckily found your website.

Can my mother take homeopathic medicine (calcarea flour) even if she is a diabetic patient for 12 years now?

Please reply on my query as soon as you read.

Thank you so much

Soumen Dalui ( West Bengal )

29 Jul 2018

Dear sir,
Is calcarea fluorica good for dissolved scalp cyst on head. I am 28 years old. Please suggest me.
Thank you

Latika Baini

10 Aug 2018

Calcarea Flourica is a specific remedy to dissolve the boney growth. Cyst is not the boney growth, so you should not be trying this remedy out. I will suggest that you visit the doctor and take whatever he/she suggests you.

Vas ( India/tamilnadu )

09 Aug 2018

Is it useful for lipoma treatments


09 Aug 2018
Vas. Please take Cleavers mother tincture, 5 drops every day in a glass of water.

Arvind Kumar Madhok ( India )

20 Aug 2018

i have narrowing of arteries in legs due to plaque buildup.

Will taking calcarea flourica cause more build up of plaque as it has calcium?


21 Aug 2018

i am suffering anal fistula ,since 3 years . i have severe pain and pus from the wound.last 6 months i am take homeopathy medicine .now last three weeks i take " biochemic tablet calcarea fluorica " also. is it good for
my fistula . Through homeopathy medicine fistula is fully cureable ?

kindly give me a good replay

Andrea ( USA/ny )

24 Aug 2018

I have a hard fibroid located in the lower left part of my abdominal cavity. I noticed this hardness developed at performing a salt water flush for 5 days. I’m interested in dissolving this hard fibroid but wonder if this product will worsen my situation. Please advise.

Asr ( India/telangana )

31 Aug 2018

I have arotic scerosis kindly sujest medicine pl.

Manish Puniya ( India )

01 Sep 2018

Hello sir, my granda is having Hiatas Harnia, which is the best effective Homeapethic medicine in such case? His age is 90. Please answer asap. The recommended good sources. But now I want your final suggestion in this case now.
Thanks in advance.
Manish Puniya

Ritu ( India )

03 Sep 2018

My sister has multiple lumps in both her breasts. She is taking calcea fluorica since last 2 months.
Dosage- 3 times a day, 4 tablets each time (chewing)
Is this the correct dosage pls?


03 Sep 2018

It’s calcarea fluorica 6x

Ezra ( India )

04 Sep 2018

my mother suffering from rheumatoid-arthritis all joints pain in body shoulders and knees joints wrist joints. when she wake up in mornings she feels to much pain and stiffness.
do this medicine good for her ?

Sharon ( England )

22 Sep 2018

Is calcarea flourica useful for treating bone spurs?

Priyanka ( India )

29 Sep 2018

Sir my son is taken 30 tablets of calcarea fluoride 6x . Any sever problem may cause in his body due to this dose.he is 3 years old

Dinesh Kumar Shaw ( India )

09 Oct 2018

Sir, I am 50 years old and my teeth are loosing and one by one they are falling. Whether Calcarea flour 6x will be benefited for me to solve the teeth problem. If yes, what will be the dooses per day ?

Rakesh Kumar ( India )

12 Oct 2018

Sir, I am suffering from pachemeningitis and have blood clots in brain for last 4 years. Due to which, vision in left eye gradually decreases. I am on Ecosprin Gold for last 3 years. Now, one of my doctor advised me to take calarea fluoride 6x and to stop taking Ecosprin Gold. Whether it will be beneficial ? Further, if I stop taking Ecosprin Gold, any harm is there?

V.M.Prasad ( India )

29 Oct 2018

i am getting blood from teeth , and weak enamel while i am brushing please suggest me - weather CF can use and not

Mala ramsamy ( Mauritius )

30 Oct 2018

I am suffering from acute pain in my right foot from knee to toe. I have to take frquently inflamatory pills to calm it. I am actually taking arnica montana for varicose veins, calcera fuorica, hammelis, Rhus toxicodenderon,
and belladona 30 ch presvribed by my homeopath.
Can you plse advise if this will help.

Rahul Raj ( India/Mumbai )

13 Nov 2018

I hve 7 to 8 keloide on chest...and it is due to acne or pimples and it itches during summer ar while sweating. One or two ar for 6 to 8 years and rest have erupted one years back.I am takin calcarea 12x, 4 tab three times a day...Is it useful for my keloide.... Plz do rply.

Jagdish ( Nepal )

27 Dec 2018

Sir, I was prescribed 6X, five tab, three times a day for grade II varicose vein, is it ok or I can reduce the dose ( frequency))??
Has it any adverse effect in hearing???

Dhamayanthi ( India/telangana )

31 Dec 2018

Dear Sir,

I am having a lump like thing under my skin near thighs.kindly suggest.


20 Jan 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have to work long hours in front of computer, due to which there is a slight development of blurred vision now, can please suggest whether i can use Calcarea Fluorata to develop my eye power. Thanks.

Nisha raj ( India )

25 Jan 2019

Am using calcarea fluorica for uterine fibroid of 10 cm, can I use coffee when using this medicine, fibroid size increased from 9 to 10 cm. Is this because of using coffee, how long it will take to shrink the fibroid, please reply

Mary Regina Asriel ( United States )

04 Apr 2019

My gums are healthy with no bleeding and no pain. I do not have cavities although I do have occasional tooth chattering and minimal clamping. I applied a dental product containing bentonite clay to my gums and teeth. I must be allergic to it as my gums have receded. I would like to restore my healthy gums to their original position and also eliminate involuntary tooth chattering and clamping. A practitioner suggested :
Mercurius solubilis 200L and Calcerea Fluorica 30C

Does this sound like a good treatment to restore my gums to their original position? What dose is suggested?

Khutayja ( India )

07 Apr 2019

For intramural fibroid
Taking calcarea fluorica is best or
Calcarea sulphurica good

Aamir Firdousi ( INDIA/JHARKHAND )

21 Apr 2019

child age 6and half his teeth becoming black can I use calc fluor 12x and cacl phos 6x.

Dr. Mohammad Sabir ( India/UP )

18 May 2019

I have spinal canal osteophytes and osseofied posterior longitudinal ligaments with calcified herniated cervical disc They together compressed my spinal cord severely. I am taking cal flur 6x 4 tabs twice daily and hekla lava 30c thrice daily. Kindly review and suggest

Dear Sir,
My 8 years old son is complaining about pain in his legs [bones]. When he plays more or run, that night he cries with excessive pain in his legs. Please give me some advice to cure him.
Pankaj Kumar

Ravi ( India /tamil nadu )

11 Jun 2019

I am suffering from incipient (initial stage) cataract. Suggest remedy


14 Jan 2020

Hello Ravi. Try Cineraria Maritima- eye drops. Put 2- 3 drops once in a day. Buy it without alcohol, the one with alcohol pains a lot.

Manjunath Vithalasa Damam ( India )

25 Jun 2019

I am hemangioma patient . Calcarea fluorica 3x medicine used this medicine used side effects or not side effects


26 Jun 2019

Hi Manjunath,
Yes, calcarea flourica can be taken. Is Hemangioma causing you any trouble? Birthmarks are normal. Do you have any symptoms?
Reply so that medicine can be prescribed.

Sanjay ( India )

22 Jul 2019

Hi I have been diagnosed with a stage 2 cataract in my right eye. It's in its early stages however my vision is affected as I see double image when reading a book with that eye. I get a feel that the room feels a bit smokey with the right eye. Night vision is compromised due to the formation of a star burst affect around the light source. Colors are less vivid. I also have a small stone of 6 mm in my right kidney. I have minor sugar related issues which I have controlled using diet only. Can somebody please help me with some homeopathic remedy


23 Jul 2019

Dear Sir
For Cataract: Get " Cineraria Maritima eye drops ". Make sure you buy it without alcohol as with alcohol it pains a lot. Use one bottle.
Let me know if some betterment is there or other symptoms after 1 month. For Kidney stone: The Kidney stone may be flushed out from the Body by herbal treatment. Please follow the advice.
The best for getting rid of Kidney stones is Varuna. It is known to remove the gravel, stones from Kidneys. Buy Varuna capsules. Take one capsule every day. Try this for a month. Or, alternatively, you may take the homeopathic tincture, it is known as Crataeva Nurvala. Take 10 drops of this tincture in a glass of water, every day for a month.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Prabhs ( Ghaziabad )

24 Jul 2019

I have swelling in my lymph glands under ear from 6 months I am taking homeopathic medicine can I dissolve through homeopath pls suggest me

Dr. Rahul Yadav

25 Jul 2019

Hello Prabhs, Please mention which homeopathic medicine are you taking. Along with homeopathy, you can have the following herbal regimen. It is very helpful for diseases of the Lymphatic system.
A combination of the following herbs is beneficial for you. 1) Kanchnar ( Bauhinia Variegata ) 2) Triphala
3) Trikatu
4) Guggul
5) Varuna ( Crataeva Nurvala )
6) Cardamom ( Elettaria Cardamomum )
7) Cinnamon ( Cinnamomum Zeylanicum )
8) Indian Bay Leaf ( Cinnamomum Tamala )
Buy Capsules containing all the above herbs. Consume it twice daily after meals with a glass of lukewarm water.
Take it for 15 days.

TANIA ( South Australia )

09 Aug 2019

Hi, my son who is 19 is diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma. Would you please suggest remedy. Thanks


13 Aug 2019

Dear Tania, This is not a life-threatening disease but may cause health disturbances. Homeopathic medicines can provide you a possible cure for this. You can read herbal options at the link. I have read the information there and it is relevant.

(Video) क्या Arsenic Album के Side Effect है | Side Effects of Arsenic Album | Arsenic Album 30 Side Effects

Sharon ( United States/Texad )

17 Aug 2019

I need to lose weight I am 64 and quit smoking, I gained 57 lbs in short time. My stomach is and feels bloated every time I eat or drink water or other liquids. I never drink anything alcoholic. I have varicose veins bad with lower extremities pain and if I sit too long it’s hard to walk. I was recommended calcarea carbonica 30c. How long can I take this safely and with results?


22 Aug 2019

Dear Sharon, This is a herbal site and we don't recommend homeopathic medicines. It is better for you to visit a homeopath for the dosage.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Najbeen ( Up )

27 Aug 2019

sir does this medicine is harmful for hair fall?

Najbeen ( Up )

27 Aug 2019

sir does this medicine is harmful for hair fall?

Dr. Parul

28 Aug 2019

Dear Najbeen, It is homeopathic medicine. Hairfall is not a mandate side effects of the medicine. There can be multiple side effects as per the constitution of the person.
Consult a homeopath near you before taking this medicine.

Lalitha ( India andhrapradesh )

14 Sep 2019

Is calcaria florica 12 x use xanthelesma?


16 Sep 2019

Dear Lalitha,
Xanthelasma is primarily because of the High level of Bad Cholesterol or low levels of Good Cholesterol. You can treat them by regulating your Cholesterol level.
Take Garlic daily. Have 1 clove of Garlic on empty stomach in the morning.
Please check with your Health care practitioner if you are taking any Blood pressure or other medication.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Riaz ( Bangladesh )

26 Sep 2019

Suffering on varicocele for years with grade 2 ..... There's also feel mild to moderate pain in my left testicles vain with swelling . Can someone tell me , What should I have to do ?


26 Sep 2019

Dear Riaz,
1 dose of ( Witch Hazel herb ) Hamamelis Virginiana- Mother tincture ( Homeopathic ). Take 5 drops 2 times a day. Take it for 7 days.

Write to us again for further assistance.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Rohit ( India )

22 Oct 2019

I have multiple lipomas on both of my forearms and on both thighs too. They move when touched with fingers and are painless. I've been using Thuja 30 potency for almost 21 days now (From 1st October 2019), but no sign of improvemnet till now. Can I switch to Calcarea flour now.? I'm a regular gym-goer. Well built. Height 5'5", oily skin mostly forehead and neck. What is the dosage of Calcarea Flour 6x for me? And for how many days or months do I need to keep using Calcarea flour to get fully cured? And does it need to be taken empty stomach or after meal?? Kindly help me out. Thank you.


11 Nov 2019

Hey Rohit. You have already taken enough of homeopathy. I suggest you, not to have anything for the next 6 months. Have coffee to counteract the effect of homeopathic medicines. It is better you start eating healthy and detox your body. Have Vitamin C rich food, Wheatgrass juice, and immunity-boosting herbs.

Ripujit ( India )

19 Nov 2019

My 13 year old daughter is suffering from nasal polyps. She has been advised to take Calcerea Fluorica 200x. The dose suggested is 6 tablets 3 times a day. The suggested dose mentioned on the cover is 2 tablets 3 times. I am confused about overdosing the medicine. Please suggest.


21 Nov 2019

Hey Ripujit My sister had this, and we were recommended the same medicine. The medicine is Calcarea Flourica 200 and the dosage should be 4 tabs twice a day. Please consult for the same with your Health care provider.

M ( Usa/portland )

23 Nov 2019

I'm already taking 2 different blends of unda drops which include #'s 1,20,243 with pulsatilla and 5, 18,210, 228 with staphysagria, as well as cocculus indicus pellets. I just accidentally came across the details about calcarea flourica and after reading all the descriptions of the other remedies/components, it sounds like what I really need is calcarea flourica, I litereally feel like I have all of the bone, loose/painful joints that pop and crunch constantly, nerve, tendon pain/dysfunction and fibromyalgia like symptoms. I'm really perplexed as to why all of these other remedies have been chosen instead of calcarea flourica when I have clearly described all of the joint pains and dysfunction I'm dealing with at great length. I'm curious for some advise as to whether this can be taken in addition to everything else I already take, and if so, what dosage for these kinds of issues? Or if the remedies I'm currently on may not even be necessary or appropriate for my symptoms, should I just switch to only calcarea flourica?

Thanks in advance for your reply!


26 Nov 2019

Dear You are already taking Homeopathic medicines. Ours is a herbal platform. It is advisable to visit a professional Homeopathic doctor for the right medicine.

This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.

Marie ( Germany )

11 Jan 2020

I have read that both Calcium fluoratum and Scrophularia nodosa are good for hard lumps in the breasts. I have a hard lump in one breast since I started menapause. So I ordered Calcium fluoratum DIL Q30 10,00ml and Scrophularia nodosa DIL Q9 10,00ml and wanted to know what dose you would recommend. Appreciate any help you might offer. Thank you for your kindness!


17 Jan 2020

Hello Marie. Please stop the usage of these medicines, since these are very strong and prolonged use may cause you some internal damage. You can continue the use of Calcium Flouratum or you can try Follicunum medicine as well. These are very effective for your ailment.
As a precaution, please gt a physical diagnosis done for if the lump is cancerous or non-cancerous.


18 Jan 2020

Hello Diandra. Thank you for getting back to me! My husband and I mostly use natural herbs & teas for healing and I am not very familiar with these medicines, so I really appreciate the advice. Yes, I will stop using them and do more research on Follicunum. Thank you once again.


02 Feb 2020

Hi Diandra! I have been taking Follicunum 7CH for 3 days now. 5 Pellets once a day. I believe the lump is getting smaller, very slight. I was taking the Calcium Flouratum, 3 drops once a day, but I stopped taking that because I wasn‘t sure if I can take both at the same time. I wanted to see if I could get some advice on how long I should take Follicunum and how often & if I can combine? Thank you for your help and advice! Blessings!

Mallika ( India )

24 Jan 2020

Sir, I am 50 and have boneloss in my mouth. I underwent curettage and was advised to maintain my oral health. My gums r good, but there is severe bone loss on upper mouth area. Will CF help from further erosion of bone. If so, what dosage to take?

Chandra ( Usa )

25 Feb 2020

I am suffering with arthritis in my knees can i use calcarea Fluor for it .

Maria Costa ( Massachusetts )

09 Apr 2020

Does Calc Fluor help with pelvic muscle weakness that results in bladder prolapse, or is there another homeopathic remedy for it


10 Apr 2020

Well Maria, exercises can help in strengthening Pelvic muscles. Take Cranberries for help. Spirulina powder also deals with weak muscles. Check it. Take 4 to 6 grams of Spirulina powder in a glass of water. Mix it well. Drink this mixture once a day.

Lucie Krejci ( Canada )

30 Apr 2020

Hello, I would like to know if I can give on pill per day of Calcarea Fluorica (S1 dr reckeweg - this is the only one I found) to a 9 year old kid. I noticed that recently my daughter's enamel on front teeth is a bit rough (maybe brushing too hard?). I asked one homeopath that I know, she said it is ok, but she is not specialized at all for teeth. I read on your site that it can cause some damage when given to kids. She has 4 sealant on the back molar. Could you tell me, please, if one pill per day could help or if it is preferable to stop. Thank you very much, I appreciate your answer. Lucie K.

TAB ( Pakistan )

04 May 2020

I feel pain in my left testi. In scrotal Doppler ultrasound report following finding are:
A well defined rounded to oval simple cystic lesion with internal low level echos and posterior acoustic enhancement measuring 21x19x18mm in noted in the head of left epididymis.
I went to homeopathic doctor and he give me medicine for 4month but only pain reduced and cyst remain same in size.
What medicine should i use now.

B.Purna Kumari ( India )

08 May 2020

Greetings! I am 53 years old female. I am suffering from bone spurs in the knee. Can I use calcarea Fluorica 6x. What is the dosage. Regards.

Nazim shaikh ( India )

17 Jun 2020

Sir I have varicose veins on my left leg I have started calceria sulphate 6x now the pain had reduced.but can it be totally cure the veins from this medicine.?

Sneha ( INdia )

07 Jul 2020

I have a fat cyst from by birth in my forehead. So i m having calcarea fluorica 3x 12 tablets a day. But now suffering from severe hair loss. But my cyst was not reduced. I don't find any changes too. Please tell me should i continue this or not.

Tarique Khan ( India / Jamnagar )

23 Jul 2020

My daughter who is 08 years old weighs 27 Kgs. She was diagnosed with multiple swollen lymph nodes (USG) on the right neck top collar on 28th June 2020. Her blood count was also normal on the same day. She was on antibiotics (Zifi LBX) for a week but it didnt work. Later we took her to an ENT who changed the course of medicine and this showed results wherein the swelling reduced considerably. Now visibly the swelling isnt there but when we touch the area we could see the presence of the nodes.

We referred to a homepathic doctor who advised her Calceria Fluorica 6x (03 tabs 02 times a day after meals) and Tumorin drops (10 drops in warm water prior meals 3 times day). She is taking these medicines since 5 days without fail.

My daughter doesnot have any symptoms like cold, flu, weight loss etc and is very active. Bowels, urine etc are also not an issue. She earlier had a stomach infection and burning sensation while urinating in the month of June 2020 which healed in a 02 days.

Please advise if the course of medicine from homeopathy is ok and do we need additional medicines and in how much time do we expect the nodes to normalise.

Richard neupane ( Kathmandu, Nepal )

09 Aug 2020

Does calcarea flour 6x and hemamelis Verginica mother tinchure helps to recover vericocele..if than please can u tell how can I get in nepal

Bhatia ( India )

10 Aug 2020

For white matter hyperintensities (small vessel ischemia in brain) on mri ,can we take calc fluor, will cause blood pressure to get low?

Krishna ( India )

23 Aug 2020

I am taking Calcrea Flourica 1M one dose every week since last 4 months to cure abscess which is situated at my buttock very near to rectum. I got 20 to 30% relief. To get more and early relief can I increase dose of calcarea flourica 1M to every day or alternate day.
Can you please tell me the best dose of it to get best relief.

Kamesh ( India/UP )

01 Sep 2020

Hi Doctor, I have a bony spur(after seeing the X-ray) at back of my foot which you might call as Heel spur. One doc has recommended Calcarea Fluorica 6x as best medicine for that and suggested to take 4 tablets/3 times a day. Please suggest if I go ahead.

Abdul ( UK )

28 Nov 2020

Calcarea Fluorica 6x
Is it effective to be used for peyroneze disease
and to treat scar tissue in the penis.

Debbie Bennett ( Texas )

04 Dec 2020

I need to find out if calcarea fluorica is good for spinal stenosis and is it safe to take. What are the possible side effects of taking this homeopathic meds? My name is Debbie Bennett.

Fatima ( Pakistan )

31 Dec 2020

My 10 months son is suffering from enamel hypoplasia. How much dose shall I gve him n will this help in resolving this issue . Really worried. Please reply

L Johnson ( USA PA )

14 Jan 2021

Best herbal regime for lichen sclerosis?

John ( WA )

16 Jan 2021

I have two lipomas, each one of the outside upper arm. They have been there for 15 years or so and not expanded in size, but they get sore after lying on my side for sleep or if I do not have arm movement overnight.
Can I take both Thuga and Calcarea Fluorica at the same time?
Or do you recommend taking them separately or some other homeopathic?
Thank you!

Ajit Gupta ( India )

23 Feb 2021

Can posterior ligament calcification and bridging osteophyte can reverse through homeopathy? If yes then Which medicine.

Bill Merrington ( United Kingdom )

11 Mar 2021

should I take Rhus Tox or Calcerea Fluorica for a ganglion on the back of a had post damage from a dropped shelf?

Asim Malik ( Pakistan )

07 Apr 2021

(Video) Health Benefits of Turmeric


What are the side effects of calcarea Fluorica? ›

After-pains, bone bruises, cough, unrefreshing sleep. Indigestion associated with piles. Varicose veins wherein the veins are enlarged and swollen. The patient should inform the doctor about any ongoing medications and treatment before using SBL Calcarea Fluorica Biochemic Tablet 12X to avoid undesirable effects.

What is the benefit of calcarea Fluorica? ›

It's a complete health tonic which is also used to treat bleeding gums, relieves rheumatic pains and treats skin conditions such as psoriasis and dry skin. Loss of voice with irritation of throat can also be relieved using this medicine.

Is calcarea a calcium? ›

Product information. SBL Calcarea Phosphorica Biochemic Tablet is a tissue salt remedy that has the basic elements required by the body physiologically that are calcium and phosphate.

Is calcarea Fluorica used in cyst? ›

Use: For temporary relief of cysts, ganglions, swollen lymph nodes. May also be used for standard homeopathic indications or as directed by your physician.

How do you eat calcarea Fluorica? ›

Use cap to drop tablets into mouth and allow them to dissolve under the tongue. Take 1 to 4 tablets, one to four times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Take under the direction of your healthcare practitioner.

When should I take Calc Fluor 6X? ›

Dosage of SBL Calcarea Fluorica Biochemic Tablet 6X

Adults and adolescents (12 years and older) 2 to 4 tablets,four times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Children (under 12 years) 2 tablets twice a day. In acute cases a dose every hour or two.

What is calcarea Fluorica made from? ›

PHARMACOGNOSY This remedy is prepared from calcium fluoride, fluorspar. In the body, crystals of this very insoluble salt are found in masses in the Haversian canals.

How do you eat calcarea Fluorica 6X? ›

Put tablets into mouth and allow them to dissolve under the tongue. Adults and adolescents (12 years and older) 2 to 4 tablets,four times daily, Children (under 12 years) 2 tablets twice a day. In acute cases a dose every hour or two.

What is CF 6X in homeopathy? ›

SBL Calcarea Fluorica 6X Tablets (25 g)

Key Benefits: It is generally used to treat varicose veins and other skin disorders. Relieves symptoms linked with joint cracking and discomfort. Reduces bone swelling, varicose veins, and inflammation of the testicles. It is also beneficial in lowering thyroid gland irritation.

Which Homeopathic medicine is best for calcium deficiency? ›

Calcarea carbonica - This works well in patients who have issues with calcium absorption, get tired easily, are anxious and stressed out easily.

Can calcarea cause constipation? ›

We could have tried exercising it off, sit-ups, abs exercising but still it does not go away. Bloating stomach could be the cause of flatulence, constipation, indigestion, or other possibilities. It can appear in many forms -- hard, soft, rounded, shiny etc.

Are there any side effects to taking calcium supplements? ›

Calcium supplements cause few, if any, side effects. But side effects can sometimes occur, including gas, constipation and bloating. In general, calcium carbonate is the most constipating. You may need to try a few different brands or types of calcium supplements to find one that you tolerate the best.

Can homeopathy cure kidney cysts? ›

Thankfully, with homoeopathy, you can treat these cysts with negligible side effects. Some of the most well-known homoeopathic remedies for renal cysts are: Apis mellifica: This homoeopathic remedy is often prescribed for acute forms of renal cysts.

Can homeopathy cure cyst? ›

According to homeopathic practitioners, ruta is the best remedy for ganglion cysts. It's thought to ease strain in your muscles, joints, and tendons. This may help ganglion cysts, which may be related to overuse.

Can homeopathy cure lumps? ›

It is commonly seen that patients are advised surgical removal of the lump, though chances of recurrence remains post-operatively. But there is a therapy, which can cure, in other words dissolve the lump and its recurrence fully by medicine, without any surgical intervention. That science is Homoeopathy.

What does calcarea carbonica treat? ›

Calcarea carbonica, a homeopathic remedy is composed of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate itself is not effective to treat anxiety though, but the homeopathic remedy, Calcarea carbonica, as a whole has been used to overcome the anxiety problem, such as fear of height.

How do you use calcarea Fluorica 30c? ›

Adults and children: At the onset of symptoms, dissolve 5 pellets under the tongue 3 times a day until symptoms are relieved or as directed by a doctor.

What is calcarea phos used for? ›

It is widely given to treat teething difficulties in newborns, decrease tooth decay, and encourage the emergence of teeth on time after dental drilling or surgery. It helps to prevent teething issues like diarrhoea, appetite loss, low-grade fever, irritability, and biting.

Can homeopathy cure fibroids? ›

Homoeopathic remedies tend to balance the hormones, cure the fibroids and reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. They are natural, effective, with no side effects and can be used even during pregnancy. There are more than 50 homoeopathic medicines for fibroids.

What is Silicea 6X used for? ›

Uses - for the temporary relief from mild acne and brittle nails. Directions - Tip bottle slightly allowing for tablets to fall into cap. Use cap to drop tablets into mouth and allow them to dissolve ... for the temporary relief from mild acne and brittle nails.

What is Kali phos 6X used for? ›

Reckeweg Kali Phosphoricum Biochemic Tablet 6X aids in the reduction of mental stress and anxiety. It helps to increase stamina, improve nerve function, relieve menstrual discomfort, and manage urological issues.

Is Calc Fluor Calcium? ›

For the temporary relief of Haemorrhoids, Varicose Veins, Cracked Skin, Muscle Strains and Injured Ligaments.
Each Tablet Contains:
Mineral Tissue Salt Calcium Fluoride0.5 mcg

Is Calc Fluor the same as calcarea Fluorica? ›

Calcium fluoride 6X aka Calcarea fluorica or Calc fluor for short is an important mineral salt found in the surface of the bones and in the enamel of the teeth. It is also a constituent of the elastic fibers and of the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin).

How do you use tissue salts? ›

Tap the right amount of tissue salt tablets into the cap and drop them into your mouth. They should dissolve instantly and taste good. Most people like the taste, even children. The most effective way to use tissue salts is to take 2 - 20 tablets at a time, one to three times daily.

How do you use calcarea Fluorica 12x? ›

Adults and children: At the onset of symptoms, dissolve 5 pellets under the tongue 3 times a day until symptoms are relieved or as directed by a doctor.

What is natrum Mur 6X used for? ›

Reckeweg Natrum Muriaticum Biochemic Tablet 6X alleviates fatigue and exhaustion while increasing energy levels in the body. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing rectum swelling, which causes severe pain after passing stool and conditions associated with it, such as constipation and anus contraction.

How do you use Thuja occidentalis 200? ›

Thuja is sometimes applied directly to the skin for joint pain, ostearthritis, and muscle pain. Thuja oil is also used for skin diseases, warts, and cancer; and as an insect repellent. In foods and beverages, thuja is used as a flavoring agent. In manufacturing, thuja is used as a fragrance in cosmetics and soaps.

How can I increase my calcium and vitamin D? ›

Top Foods for Calcium and Vitamin D
  1. Spinach.
  2. Kale.
  3. Okra.
  4. Collards.
  5. Soybeans.
  6. White beans.
  7. Some fish, like sardines, salmon, perch, and rainbow trout.
  8. Foods that are calcium-fortified, such as some orange juice, oatmeal, and breakfast cereal.
22 Jul 2020

Which Homeopathic medicine is best for vitamin D deficiency? ›

There are many medicines like Alumina, Calcarea carb, Calcarea phos, Iodium, Phosphorous, Silicea, Rhus Tox, Arnica, Acid fluor, Symphytum, Sepia, Mezereum etc. to set right the imbalance in metabolism. Also, they can boost up your immunity levels.

Can homeopathy increase bone density? ›

Homeopathy is an inexpensive non-pharmacological alternative that may be useful to increase bone density. However, currently there is little evidence-based research on its effects. This pilot study aimed at exploring the effect of medium-potency calcium on the bone density of women over a period of one year.

Can homeopathy cure stomach problems? ›

Homeopathy has a cure for both stomach and digestive problems. The natural Homeopathic remedies for stomach and digestive problems are not only of great help in getting rid of stomach problems but also eliminate the root cause of the digestive disorders.

Which is best homeopathic medicine for constipation? ›

Remedy Options
  • Bryonia. This remedy is indicated for constipation with a feeling of dryness in the rectum and large dry stools that are hard to push out, with sticking or tearing pains. ...
  • Calcarea carbonica. ...
  • Causticum. ...
  • Graphites. ...
  • Lycopodium. ...
  • Natrum muriaticum. ...
  • Nux vomica. ...
  • Sepia.

Which homeopathic medicine is best for gas? ›

Remedy Options
  • Carbo vegetabilis. This remedy relieves bloating and gas in the stomach, with belching.
  • Lycopodium. ...
  • Natrum carbonicum. ...
  • Nux vomica. ...
  • Pulsatilla. ...
  • Antimonium crudum. ...
  • Arsenicum album. ...
  • Bryonia.

Which fruit is rich in calcium? ›

Figs, oranges, blackcurrants, and blackberries are worth adding to your diet. They're fruits with the highest amounts of easily absorbable calcium.

What foods reduce calcium levels? ›

For the unversed, alcohol and salty foods can really flush out calcium from your body. In fact, as the calcium levels decrease in the body, the body extracts calcium from your bones to function properly. This makes the bones porous, and in extreme cases, can also lead to osteoporosis.

What 5 foods are rich in calcium? ›

Foods With Calcium
  • Dairy products. Products like milk, yogurt, and cheese are rich in calcium and also tend to be the best absorbed sources of it. ...
  • Soybeans. Dry-roasted soybeans are a good source of calcium. ...
  • Dark Green, Leafy Vegetables. ...
  • Calcium-Fortified Foods. ...
  • Canned Salmon. ...
  • Figs. ...
  • Flour Tortillas. ...
  • Canned Baked Beans.
22 Oct 2020

Which food is good for kidney cyst? ›

base your meals on starchy foods, such as potatoes, bread, rice or pasta. eat some dairy (or dairy alternatives, such as soya drinks) have protein, such as beans, pulses, fish, eggs, or meat. only have small amounts of food high in salt, sugar, and fat, and choose unsaturated fats.

Which homeopathic medicine is best for kidney infection? ›

Belladonna: Belladonna is the ideal homeopathic remedy for treating inflammation of the kidneys accompanied by piercing or burning pain in the lumbar region of the kidney. The pain reappears repeatedly with increased intensity each time. Cantharis: This homeopathic cure is used in nephritis.

What is a kidney cyst treatment? ›

Treatments for cysts that cause symptoms

Options include: Piercing and draining the cyst, then filling it with a solution. The solution causes scarring and helps prevent the cyst from filling with fluid again. Alcohol or a chemical compound may be used as the solution.

Why do people get cysts? ›

Why do cysts form? Some of the cells in the top layer of skin produce keratin, a protein that gives skin its strength and flexibility. Normally, these cells move up to the surface of the skin as they start to die so they can be shed. But the cells sometimes move deeper into the skin and multiply, forming a sac.

Can homeopathy remove ovarian cyst? ›

Homeopathy is very proficient in managing the symptoms of Ovarian Cyst and has an excellent success rate in homeopathic treatment for OVARIAN CYST. Homeopathy is designed to be curative and not just palliative & suppressive. Homeopathy has no side effects of hormonal therapies as in the conventional system of medicine.

Can exercise reduce ovarian cysts? ›

Yoga can also help ease muscle tension and pain from ovarian cysts. Some studies show that practicing yoga can help people to manage PCOS symptoms. Yoga may also reduce a person's risk of cysts forming.

Which Homeopathic medicine is best for bones? ›

Remedy Options
  • Arnica montana. This remedy can be used during the first days following the break to decrease pain from swelling and trauma.
  • Eupatorium perfoliatum. ...
  • Hypericum. ...
  • Ruta graveolens. ...
  • Symphytum officinale. ...
  • Bryonia. ...
  • Calcarea phosphorica.

Can Thuja Remove Cyst? ›

Conclusion: Homeopathic Thuja occidentalis could successfully remove ovarian cysts from all three patients and removed disease symptoms. Ultra-sonographic reports of the patient No. 1 showing removal of the cyst from left ovary.

Can homeopathy cure benign tumor? ›

Homeopathy is an effective method for treatment of benign tumors of the connective tissue.

Can homeopathy cure fibroids? ›

Homoeopathic remedies tend to balance the hormones, cure the fibroids and reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. They are natural, effective, with no side effects and can be used even during pregnancy. There are more than 50 homoeopathic medicines for fibroids.

What is the use of calcarea Phosphorica 6X? ›

Product information. Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Phosphorica Biochemic Tablet 6X is a supplement for bones and teeth. It is widely given to treat teething difficulties in newborns, decrease tooth decay, and encourage the emergence of teeth on time after dental drilling or surgery.

What is calcarea Sulphurica used for? ›

SBL Calcarea Sulphurica Biochemic Tablet is an effective remedy for the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema, lupus and acne. It is also useful in the treatment of tumours and swollen glands. It can also be used to treat several other health complications and heals minor cuts and wounds.

What is Kali phosphoricum? ›

Kali phosphoricum or the phosphate of potassium (K2HPO4) is a homeopathic medication that is dispensed in the form of small round pills or diluted solutions. It has widespread usages in homeopathy, including its use as a tonic for nerves and the brain.

Which food shrink fibroids? ›

Milk and dairy may help to reduce fibroids. Dairy products contain high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. These nutrients may help prevent growth of fibroids. Some types of vitamins may also help reduce the growth and size of fibroids.

What is the best treatment for fibroid? ›

Myomectomy. A myomectomy is an operation to remove fibroids while preserving the uterus. For women who have fibroid symptoms and want to have children in the future, myomectomy is the best treatment option.

Can homeopathy cure uterus cyst? ›

These are frequent symptoms, which accompany uterine cysts. These types of cysts are almost always non-cancerous, but it is beneficial to take an expert advice on that matter. Homeopathy is a great option to treat such cysts. Homeopathy is becoming increasingly popular throughout the entire world.

Is there any side effects of calcarea? ›

Ans: Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Phos 6X Tablet is a homeopathic medication which has no known side effects.

Can calcarea cause constipation? ›

We could have tried exercising it off, sit-ups, abs exercising but still it does not go away. Bloating stomach could be the cause of flatulence, constipation, indigestion, or other possibilities. It can appear in many forms -- hard, soft, rounded, shiny etc.

When do you give calcarea? ›

Calcarea phosphorica

This remedy may be helpful to a child whose teeth are late to come in, with aching in the gums and trouble sleeping. Irritability, picky eating habits, and stomachaches are other indications. A child who needs this remedy often is allergic to many foods and may tend toward early tooth decay.

Can homeopathy cure acne permanently? ›

The process might take some time, but it surely is the most effective. The problem gets solved from its roots. Scars from previous eruptions are also permanently healed using homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy is, therefore, the best way to cure acnes and pimples.

Which homeopathic medicine is best for pimples? ›

Psorinum: It is considered to be the best homeopathic drug for acne on the face. Acne indurata, acne simplex, and acne pustular are all treatable with this homeopathic remedy Psorinum. In oily skin with overworked sebaceous glands, the skin is left greasy, making it more prone to acne.

What is Silicea 6x used for? ›

Uses - for the temporary relief from mild acne and brittle nails. Directions - Tip bottle slightly allowing for tablets to fall into cap. Use cap to drop tablets into mouth and allow them to dissolve ... for the temporary relief from mild acne and brittle nails.

What is five Phos used for? ›

Reckeweg Five Phos 6X Tablet is a general tonic used in day to day life by many. It is used for exhausted people by a lot of mental work, physical work, and generalised weakness. It gives strength at the nervous, physical, and general body level giving energy.

What is Ferrum phosphoricum used for? ›

Background: Ferrum phosphoricum (FP) is prescribed as a homeopathic remedy to treat the early stages of fever and inflammation in cases of colds or flu, muscle fatigue and anemia.

What is Mag Phos 200 used for? ›

Good for menstrual cramps and colic where menses are early dark and clotted. Useful for muscle spasms and cramps in the legs and fingers. Dose- As prescribed by physician. Can be taken along with other allopathic medicines.


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