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According to the Oxford Pocket School Dictionary (2007), “education is the process of training people’s minds and abilities so that they acquire knowledge and develop skills.” As such, tertiary education is the level of education one receives at a college, university and other institutions in the form of academic degrees, after completing secondary education at a high school.

Therefore, the benefits of tertiary education are very critical in today’s society since it allows for a variety of jobs at the individual’s disposal versus someone who did not pursue an education beyond high school. With the advantage of more jobs, people with tertiary education earn more money to increase their lifetime income which is a good return on one’s investment

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The personal benefits of tertiary education sees an individual with higher degrees or certificates being able to earn higher salaries; which allows more future choices for example, choosing jobs that suits his or her lifestyle and neighbourhood for living. On the other hand, tertiary education fosters the selection of spouses or partners with higher education in most cases which is seen as an opportunity for growth in personal relationships (Mahon, 2012).

Nevertheless, tertiary education is extremely valuable financially and makes an individual more intelligent than someone with just high school education. Hence, studies have shown that intelligence and education (especially that of tertiary education) definitely corresponds. The average Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of a tertiary graduate is higher based on an individual’s receptivity in relation to interpretation which indicates higher levels of intelligence while fostering a higher quality of life. This is quite evident because, tertiary students are known for exceptional problem solving skills. In addition, tertiary education is beneficial due to the variety of new opportunities students receive; especially in the making of new friends who become lifetime best friends (Deary & Johnson,

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    Attending college is an important life choice everyone should make. Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill, the authors of Should Everyone Go to College?, explore that “…the median earnings of about $30,000 for 25-34-year old high school graduates working full-time in 2010, this implies that a year in college increases earnings by $3,000, and four years increases them by $12,000” (They Say/I Say pg.209/para. 3). In the Owen and Sawhill article they provide information on the difference in a person’s salary with a high school diploma compared to a person’s salary with a one year certificate and a bachelor’s degree. Owen and Sawhill continues on to state that, “there are many non-monetary benefits of schooling that are harder to measure but no less important” (They Say/I Say pg.210/para.3). The authors used information gathered from research reports that they conducted to determine salary and/or wage earnings for an individual who attends one year of college versus four years of college.

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    There are many personal benefits of going to college. Some of the benefits may be better jobs which means better pay compared to people that only hold GED’s or a high school diploma. A college degree may also help you obtain a more desirable job, or get a get you a higher position in the business or corporation that may employ you. The different levels of college degrees will also help qualify you for bigger and better jobs.

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    “College graduates are also more likely to be in jobs with better benefits, further widening the divide. ”.(Rotherham, 79). This states that a college education not only has the advantage of giving you a good stable job, but the job you get from your education may also provide great benefits that will help you and your family both economically and medically. College will also help gain much more than just wealth, it’ll also help you to grow to be more mature and responsible and to reach your life goals. There are plenty more examples that prove that the value of a college education is enormous, like in my interview with Arsenia Garcia, she stated,” There is no such thing as a college education that's worthless, for me it is priceless because it can take you very far in life, if you let.

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    College gives you the foundation to adapt to changing business conditions throughout your life, so you won't get left behind. Another plus: If laid off, you're likely to find re-employment faster. Economists say higher education comes with an earnings premium. What does that mean? For employers, a degree or certificate means greater expertise,

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    Opportunities that come with a college degree are extremely beneficial to students because it will help them to be able to live in that type of life style, as stated by the author. Leonhardt adds on that the wage gap between people who have earned a 4 year college

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    The money that you need for your necessities. From ( it says, Economists say higher education comes with an earnings premium. What does that mean? For employers, a degree or certificate means greater expertise, something they’re willing to pay for more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a person with a bachelor’s degree can earn as much as a $1 million more over a lifetime than someone with just a high school diploma”.

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    Those with a college education are more likely to succeed financially. Time and time again, statistics have shown that those with a college degree have a leg up over those without one. An example can be found in the article “Actually, College Is

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    Intelligence comes in a wide variety; it’s not only measured by one’s knowledge of books and performance in the classroom, but when it comes to measuring the intelligence of an individual you will always have controversial responses. Academic Intelligence is clearly not seen through Gerald Graff and Mark Rose’s essays. In Gerald Graff’s work entitled, “Hidden Intelligence”, he covers the points on his personal opinion on how intelligence is not found in people who are “book smart”, but also in those who are “street smart”. Similar to Graff’s essay, Mark Rose touches upon the idea that people who spend more of their time in a more academic environment are not as intelligent as those who don’t. Although both Graff and Rose touch upon similar ideas with minimal differences, they both view each of the problems with different perspectives by creating solutions to their

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    Many people argue that this is still the biggest hitch for all the people, especially for those who are not very wealthy. Eventthough some people think that higher education is not worth it, I believe that there are many benefits of taking higher levels of education. People think that higher education does not guarantee you to have enough working experience in the future. However, you will be seen as competent and more prestigious with a degree

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    Ultimately, a new view on intelligence should be adopted, providing more people opportunity in their lives to be successful. IQ is a term that is often associated with intelligence and success, but in reality, there is no correlation. When “[Lewis] Terman came out with his fourth volume of Genetic Studies of Genius, the word ‘genius’ had all but vanished. ‘We have seen,’ Terman concluded, with more than a touch of disappointment, ‘that intellect and achievement are far from correlated. ’”(Gladwell 90).

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    When college attainment improves, the tax base increases, reliance on social welfare programs declines, and civic and political engagement increases” (White). Even though it may seem obvious, in most cases it truly is very important to have a degree to be able to become successful. Despite some arguing against this, it comes down to the basics. A degree from higher education automatically gives that person an advantage in life. Whether it helps with job applications, housing, or just relief from worrying about money, an education is not just beneficial but becoming almost a necessity.

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    Although a degree is not essential for those looking to work in the more hands on fields of work, such being a plumber or an electrician, degree holders can look to not only make more, but to also fulfill more brain satisfying tasks in more intellectual fields of work. Even with that in consideration, a degree can help those that work in fields where holding a degree is not commonplace. “Construction workers, police officers, retail salespeople and secretaries, among others, make significantly more with a degree than without one.” (Leonhardt)

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    Mike Rose disagrees with the assumption that “Intelligence is closely associated with formal education” (Mike, 247). Formal education does not always measure the level of intelligence of a person. Education as something people can gain not only in school, but every day of their lives. We should be learning from our experiences, and apply this knowledge to our everyday lives. Wisdom should not be looked at as just

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  • The Importance Of Education In The UAE

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    It helps a person to show their best by their mind and spirit. It gives you a lot of knowledge in all the fields. Education plays an important role in the personal growth. The more you have knowledge the more you grow and me able to face the difficult world. Being educated and achieving degrees help you to be prepared in being a part of the reputed organizations, companies and institutions.

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What is the benefits of tertiary education? ›

The benefits include higher employment levels (that is, lower levels of unemployment), higher wages, greater social stability, increased civic engagement, and better health outcomes.

Why do people need to go to tertiary? ›

Developing employable skills

A degree will not only give students the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of their chosen subject but also to develop transferable skills such as communication, presentation and problem-solving skills, while enhancing their ability to work as part of a team.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tertiary education? ›

  • You can become an expert in a subject you love. ...
  • University can prepare you for a specific career path. ...
  • Graduates earn more. ...
  • Uni gives you time to gain work experience. ...
  • You'll get a taste of independence. ...
  • You will gain high-level transferable skills. ...
  • It can broaden your mind. ...
  • You may not gain technical skills.

Is tertiary education necessary for success? ›

A college degree will put you in a better position for employment opportunities, improve your work life balance, and increase your odds of being successful in the future. It will help you grow and evolve with the ever-changing workforce. A college degree is essential for today's professionals.

Is tertiary education essential? ›

The widespread recognition that tertiary education is a major driver of economic competitiveness in an increasingly knowledge-driven global economy has made high-quality tertiary education more important than ever before.

What are the benefits of education essay? ›

It helps a person take a better and informed decision with the use of their knowledge. This increases the success rate of a person in life. Subsequently, education is also responsible for providing with an enhanced lifestyle. It gives you career opportunities that can increase your quality of life.

What is the importance of education essay? ›

Education certainly determines the quality of an individual's life. Education improves one's knowledge, skills and develops the personality and attitude. Most noteworthy, Education affects the chances of employment for people. A highly educated individual is probably very likely to get a good job.

How does tertiary education contribute to the economy? ›

The knowledge and skills of workers available in the labor supply are a key determinant for both business and economic growth. Industries with higher education and training requirements tend to pay workers higher wages.

What is the mission of tertiary education? ›

Any student of education can cite the three primary missions most often articulated for American universities as noted earlier: research, teaching, and service. In many universities, however, the reward system places higher value on research over teaching and service.

What is tertiary education students? ›

The World Bank states that tertiary education includes colleges, trade schools, and universities (The World Bank 2017), whereas UNESCO (2018) states that tertiary education focuses on learning endeavors in specialized fields, including academic and higher vocational education.

What are two advantages of tertiary activities? ›

Despite the challenges, however, the advantages of the tertiary sector outweigh the drawbacks.
  • Lower Startup Costs. ...
  • Lack of Inventory and Manufacturing. ...
  • Enables Local Marketing. ...
  • Adaptable to Changing Wants and Needs.

What is the purpose of free tertiary education? ›

10931, otherwise known as the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act is “an act promoting universal access to quality tertiary education by providing free tuition and other school fees in State Universities and Colleges, Local Universities and Colleges, and State-Run Technical-Vocational Institutions, ...

What are the benefits of further studies? ›

These skills include, among others, the developing of:
  • Leadership and conflict resolution skills.
  • Entrepreneurial skills.
  • Business and project management skills.
  • Networking and relationship building skills.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Resourcefulness.
  • Interpersonal skills.

How can tertiary studies be successful? ›

  1. Get Organised. A diary will help you stay on track with important deadlines. ...
  2. Make Friends. Whether you're studying full-time, part-time or via distance learning, you need friends. ...
  3. Ask for Help. Coursework not making any sense? ...
  4. Study a Course You're Passionate About. ...
  5. Use all Your Resources.
2 Jun 2022

Why education is the important key to success your future? ›

As you gain your education, you'll be gaining a deeper understanding of what's right, wrong, fair and unfair. As you develop your reasoning and critical thinking skills, you'll be able to apply these skills to situations in your life. You'll be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a citizen.

How can a tertiary student be successful? ›

How to Be Successful in College: 9 Tips
  1. Know your goals and values.
  2. Turn long-term goals into short-term plans.
  3. Go to class and attend office hours.
  4. Build skills relevant to your coursework.
  5. Assess your learning style.
  6. Try new things.
  7. Maintain a social balance.
  8. Manage your time with intention.
26 May 2022

How does tertiary education reduce poverty? ›

Higher education provides more incentive and better jobs, which indirectly lessened the poverty as almost 75 percent young people graduated from the universities normally get the job.

What are the most important benefits of education? ›

Education is a powerful agent of change, and improves health and livelihoods, contributes to social stability and drives long-term economic growth. Education is also essential to the success of every one of the 17 sustainable development goals.

What is the importance of education essay 100 words? ›

Importance of Education Essay 1 (100 words)

It develops confidence and helps building personality of a person. School education plays a great role in everyone's life. The whole education has been divided into three divisions such as the primary education, secondary education and Higher Secondary education.

What is the importance of education essay 200 words? ›

Education does not only offer a good job but also enhances the ability to understand life from a new perspective. Decent education produces many paths to move ahead in life. It makes us intellectually, and ethically, powerful by improving our expertise level, technical abilities, and excellent job.

What are the five benefits of education? ›

The following are examples of the good things that going to school can offer:
  • Learn basic skills. School provides an environment where we can learn a lot of basic skills. ...
  • Gain knowledge. The world has an abundance of knowledge and information. ...
  • Develop your talents. ...
  • Learn from experts. ...
  • Meet friends.
15 Oct 2019

What is the purpose of education in our life? ›

The main purpose of education is to provide the opportunity for acquiring knowledge and skills that will enable people to develop their full potential, and become successful members of society.

What is the importance of education essay 300 words? ›

A child through education learns basic rules, regulations, norms and values of society”. Education thus is an essential prerequisite of modernization. It enables people to know the world beyond their own surroundings and transforms them to become rationalist and humanist in outlook and world view.

What is the contribution of tertiary sector? ›

The contribution of the tertiary sector to the GDP of India was 28.09% in 1960 which rose to 51% in the year 2021.

What are the two types of tertiary education? ›

Tertiary education refers to any type of education pursued beyond the high school level. This includes diplomas, undergraduate and graduate certificates, and associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

What does tertiary education mean in English? ›

Tertiary education, also called post-secondary education, is any level of education pursued beyond high school, including undergraduate and graduate credentials. These credentials encompass certificates, diplomas or academic degrees.

What are the three main aims of education? ›

This speech is traditionally devoted to the topic “the aims of education.” I will offer three: the advancement of humankind as knowledge is exchanged between teacher and student; the benefit educators can have upon public policy, and the creation of original research at a great university.

How can tertiary education be improved? ›

6 Ways to Improve Your University's Quality of Education
  1. Hire a Qualified Lecturer. ...
  2. Measure the Student Outcomes and Improve. ...
  3. Provide Opportunities to Learn. ...
  4. Improve Teaching Methods. ...
  5. Introduce Innovative Infrastructure and Technology. ...
  6. Continuous Quality Improvement.

What are the challenges of tertiary education? ›

The greater challenge in tertiary education is not only about fees but, more importantly, about quality and the relevance of education with equitable access (for which fees become a significant, but not the only tool).

What is the impact of higher education? ›

Societal benefits include: Higher levels of education correspond to lower levels of unemployment and poverty, so in addition to contributing more to tax revenues than others do, adults with higher levels of education are less likely to depend on social safety-net programs, generating decreased demand on public budgets.

Which of the following is a benefit of tertiary sector? ›

(b) The tertiary sector helps in the production of goods by directly using natural resources.

What is tertiary good? ›

The tertiary sector consists of the provision of services instead of end products. Services (also known as "intangible goods") include attention, advice, access, experience and affective labor.

Which is the best example of tertiary activity? ›

Complete answer:

Trade is an example of tertiary activity. Tertiary activity consists of all occupations of service. Significant examples of tertiary activities include transport, networking, commerce, health, education and administration.

Is tertiary education a right or responsibility? ›

It is a human right. Education as a human right means: the right to education is legally guaranteed for all without any discrimination. states have the obligation to protect, respect, and fulfil the right to education.

What would be the benefits of free college? ›

Tuition-free college will help decrease crippling student debt. If tuition is free, students will take on significantly fewer student loans. Student loan debt in the United States is almost $1.75 trillion. 45 million Americans have student loan debt, and 7.5…

What are some reasons why education should be free? ›

5 Reasons Why College Should Be Free
  • Improves Society. When people are more educated, they can solve problems better. ...
  • Widened Workforce. Along with technological progressions comes a shift in the workforce. ...
  • A Boosted Economy. Most students graduate with a massive amount of debt. ...
  • Increase Equality. ...
  • More Focus.

What are the 4 benefits of higher education? ›

The main benefit of going to higher education is linked to the range of higher skilled careers it can lead to.
  • become more independent.
  • make new friends.
  • take part in clubs and societies.
  • learn new skills.
  • develop confidence and resilience.

What does tertiary mean in education? ›

Definition. Tertiary education is post-secondary education. In Australia tertiary institutions are universities, TAFEs and other Vocational Colleges.

How can we benefit from free education? ›

The Pros and Cons of Free College
  • Pro #1: Free college would expand access to education. ...
  • Pro #2: A more educated population would have economic and social benefits for the country. ...
  • Pro #3: Students would be free to follow their passions and abilities. ...
  • Pro #4: Free college would help repair historic inequities.
12 Apr 2022

What is a definition of tertiary? ›

ter·​tia·​ry ˈtər-shē-ˌer-ē -shə-rē : of third rank, importance, or value. chiefly British : of, relating to, or being higher education. : of, relating to, or constituting the third strongest of the three or four degrees of stress recognized by most linguists (such as the stress of the third syllable of basketball team ...


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