21 Best Irish Rebel Songs for 2022 (+ Spotify Playlist) (2023)

There are heaps of Irish rebel songs out there. Some are well known (like ‘Come Out, Ye Black and Tans) while many others fly a little under the radar.

It was when we published a guide to 45 of the best Irish songs ever written that I came across a handful of Irish rebel songs that I’d never heard of.

In the guide below, we’re going to explore the best Irish rebel music, with a clatter of songs that are as playable today as they were many years ago.

What’s Irish rebel music all about? Irish rebel songs are folk songs where the lyrics describe factual events of the various rebellions against British rule in Ireland.

Table of Contents

20 of the best Irish rebel songs

  1. Go On Home British Soldiers
  2. Grace
  3. The Boys of the Old Brigade
  4. Down by the Glenside
  5. Arthur McBride
  6. Come Out, Ye Black and Tans
  7. The Boys of Kilmichael
  8. The Foggy Dew
  9. The Men Behind the Wire
  10. Óró Sé Do Bheatha Bhaile
  11. Seán South of Garryowen
  12. A Nation Once Again
  13. Back Home in Derry
  14. Belfast Brigade
  15. Kelly the Boy From Killane
  16. The Rising of the Moon
  17. The Valley of Knockanure
  18. The Croppy Boy
  19. God Save Ireland
  20. Four Green Fields

1. Go On Home British Soldiers

‘Go on Home British Soldiers’ is arguably one of the best known Irish rebellion songs. It was written by a chap named Tommy Skelly and was recorded by the Wolf Tones along with several others.

There’s no real mystery behind the meaning of this one. The song opens with the verse ‘Go on home British Soldiers Go on home Have you got no f*****g homes of your own For 800 years we’ve fought you without fear And we will fight you for 800 more.’

This is one of the more iconic Irish rebel songs and you tend to hear it sang at sometraditional Irish sessions. If you ever attend a Wolf Tones gig, expect to hear this one banged out loud.

2. Grace (one of the most iconic Irish war songs)

Grace is one of the most beautiful Irish songs ever written. It waswritten in 1985 about a woman by the name of Grace Evelyn Gifford Plunkett.

‘Grace’ was a talented Irish artist and an active Irish Republican. Her tale is a tragic one. In 1916, she married her fiancé Joseph Plunkett (a leader of the 1916 Rising) in Kilmainham Gaol.

A couple of hours later he was executed. This is one of the most iconic pieces of Irish rebel music ever made, and the rendition above will knock you sideways.

3. The Boys of the Old Brigade

‘The Boys of the Old Brigade’ was written by Paddy McGuigan and its lyrics focus on the Irish Republican Army and the Irish War of Independence.

(Video) Freedom - The Best Of Irish Rebel Songs | 30 Songs | Full Album

The song tells the story of a veteran of the Easter Rising as he tells a young man about the men and women that he fought alongside during the fight against the British.

Irish rebellion songs like ‘The Boys of the Old Brigade’ were common in the years that followed the Rising. They offer an insight into life before, during and after 1916.

4. Down by the Glenside

‘Down by the Glenside’ was one of a number of Irish rebellion songs written by Irish Republican and composer Peadar Kearney.

Kearney was an active member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood and this song attempts to recall memories of Ireland’s freedom-fighters from generations past.

5. Arthur McBride

‘Arthur McBride’ is another of the many Irish revolution songs that speaks about the war. The song is a protest to the recruiting of Irish soldiers to fight for the British.

At the time, many young Irish men were drafted to go to war to fight for the British. This song explains that not all of those being recruited wanted to fight for the crown.

6. Come Out, Ye Black and Tans (one of the more famous Irish rebel songs)

‘Come Out, Ye Black and Tans’ tops many ‘Best Irish rebel songs of all time’ lists. The lyrics speak about the less than admirable activities of the British Army in Ireland.

If you’ve never heard of the Black and Tans, they were British constables that were recruited into the Royal Irish Constabulary during Ireland’s War of Independence.

They quickly earned a reputation for police brutality. The Black and Tans were known to regularly attack civilians.

This song is by The Wolfe Tones – these lads are arguably the most prolific of Ireland’s Irish rebel bands – and it tends to be one of the most popular Irish drinking songs out there.

7. The Boys of Kilmichael

If you’re in search of songs about the IRA, look no further than ‘The Boys of Kilmichael’. The lyrics of this song recall an ambush that took place one week after Bloody Sunday.

The incident occurred near the village of Kilmichael in Cork in 1920. The lyrics depict what happened when 36 IRA volunteers took on British Auxiliaries shortly after they left the village of Macroom.

8. The Foggy Dew

(Video) Irish Rebel Song- Come Out ye Black and Tans

Irish rebel music doesn’t come much finer than ‘The Foggy Dew’. The version above from Sinead O’Connor and The Chieftains (one of the best Irish bands, in my opinion!) is nothing short of mighty.

This song chronicles the 1916 Easter Rising, and at the time it aimed to encourage Irishmen to fight for the Irish cause, rather than for the British Empire (something many young Irish men did during the First World War).

9. The Men Behind the Wire

This is one of the better known of the many Irish protest songs out there. It was composed by Paddy McGuigan and it was released in 1971.

The lyrics of ‘The Men Behind The Wire’ describe the raids that were made by British soldiers in Ireland. The song also mentions those that were imprisoned without charge at Long Kesh prison camp and Magilligan prison camp.

10. Óró Sé Do Bheatha Bhaile

This is one of the more gentle Irish rebel songs that has a knack of making the hair of the back of your neck stand tall.

Now, when this song was first written it wasn’t classed as Irish rebel music. However, new verses were introduced to the lyrics in the early 20th century and it’s said that it was sung at fast marches during Ireland’s War of Independence.

11. Seán South of Garryowen

This is one of the lesser-known Irish fighting songs to be released. The lyrics of this song tell the story of a member of the IRA who was wounded during an attack in Fermanagh.

The song focuses on an event that took place New Year’s Day in 1957 where 14 IRA volunteers launched an attack on a barracks in County Fermanagh. Sean was one of those that was fatally injured.

12. A Nation Once Again

‘A Nation Once Again’ is one of the oldest Irish war songs in this guide. It’s thought that it was written during the mid-1800s by a chap named Thomas Osborne Davis.

Davis was a founder of an Irish movement called ‘Young Ireland’. The group wished to help Ireland reach independence from Britain. The lyrics are written in a narrative where the lead character dreams of a time when Ireland will be free.

13. Back Home in Derry

‘Back Home in Derry’ was written by Bobby Sands, one of the hunger strikers, while he was imprisoned in HM Maze (a prison in Northern Ireland used to house paramilitary prisoners during the Troubles).

The lyrics tell the story of the voyage of many Irish rebels that were convicted to exile in Australia after the Irish Rebellion of 1803.

14. Belfast Brigade

(Video) The Wolfe Tones - Greatest Hits | Full Album | Irish Rebel Music

‘The Belfast Brigade’ is a particularly old Irish folk song that was written about the Belfast Brigade in the IRA during the Irish War of Independence.

The song makes reference to James Craig, the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, who is accused of sending the Ulster Special Constabulary to shoot people down.

If you hit play above, you’ll also hear mention of Seaforde Street. This was an area in east Belfast where the conflict between the British forces, loyalist gunmen and the IRA often took place.

15. Kelly the Boy From Killane

A man named John Kelly, a United Irish leader that fought in the 1798 Rebellion, lived in the town of Killane in County Wexford in the late 1700s.

He’s mentioned in several Irish rebel songs, but ‘Kelly the boy from Killanne’ is dedicated to the man himself. The last verse of the song speaks about his involvement in the Wexford Rebellion:

‘But the gold sun of freedom grew darkened at Ross And it set by the Slaney’s red waves And poor Wexford stripped naked, hung high on a cross With her heart pierced by traitors and knaves Glory-o, glory-o to her brave sons who died For the cause of long down-trodden man Glory-o to Mount Leinster’s own darling and pride Dauntless Kelly the boy from Killane.’

16. The Rising of the Moon

‘The Rising of the Moon’ is another popular Irish rebel song that tells the story of a battle that took place between the United Irishmen and the British Army during the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

The balled is believed to have been written by JK Casey during the mid-1800s and contains a calling in the last verse for those listening to take action.

17. The Valley of Knockanure

‘The Valley of Knockanure’ is a ballad that tells the story of an incident that occurred during the Irish War of Independence. On the 12th of May, 1921, a group of Black and Tans were moving from Kerry to Athea when they unlawfully arrested four young men.

The troops, who were intoxicated, executed the unarmed men. After the first man was killed, another in the group, Cornelius Dee, ran. As he made a run for it he was shot in the leg.

Although injured, he managed to escape. The other two men were shot on the spot. A memorial to the three who were killed is present to this day.

18. The Croppy Boy

‘The Croppy Boy’ is another great bit of Irish rebel music. It’s a ballad that’s set in 1798 that speaks of a doomed young Irish rebel.

The lyrics tell the story of a man who stops at a church on his way to battle. When he enters the Church, he notices a cloaked figure. It turns out the figure is a British soldier who sought protection from rebels in the Church.

(Video) Sinead O'Connor - This is a Rebel Song

The rebel completes his confession and the soldier arrests him and takes him to prison to be executed.

19. God Save Ireland

‘God Save Ireland’ is an Irish rebel song that celebrates the lives of the Manchester Martyrs, three men that were executed in 1867.

The Manchester Martyrs were part of a group of men that ambushed a carriage transporting two Republican prisoners to a prison in Manchester. As they tried to shoot the lock off, a police guard was killed.

Five men were tried and sentenced to death. They were said to have responded to the sentence with ‘God Save Ireland’.

20. Four Green Fields

‘The Four Green Fields’ is a song about Ireland’s four provinces – one of which (Ulster) is partly occupied by the British.

The song personifies Ireland as a woman and the 4 provinces as her sons. The topic of the song revolves how, despite Ireland’s best efforts, Britain still retains hold of part of Ulster.

If you’ve had enough of the rebel music and fancy something a little smoother, hop into our guide to the most popular Irish love songs.

Irish rebel songs Spotify playlist

If you’re looking for a load of Irish rebel music to play away on Paddy’s Day (or any other day, for that matter) then this Spotify playlist should do the job.

It’s packed with the best Irish rebel sounds from the list above that you can play away until your heart’s content.

What Irish war songs and music have we missed?

Have you a couple of Irish freedom songs that you listen to regularly that we’ve left out? Or do you know of some more recent Irish fighting songs that should be included?

If you do, pop a comment into the comments section below and we’ll have a listen. Cheers.

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Keith O'Hara

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What is the most iconic Irish song? ›

The Fields of Athenry is often regarded to be Ireland's unofficial national anthem as it is one of the most popular and most famous Irish songs ever composed.

What's that one Irish sounding song? ›

"Molly Malone" — The Dubliners

One of the most famous Irish tunes of all, The Dubliners' "Molly Malone" tells the tale of a fishmonger who sells "cockles and mussels” in the streets of Dublin.

Are there any happy Irish songs? ›

Happy Saint Patrick's Day (The Best Irish and Celtic Folk Songs)
  • God Save IrelandTony Malone, The Rapparees.
  • Dublin - Molly MaloneWorld Beat Family.
  • When We Will Be MarriedDoolin'
  • Roly GentleBroken String.
  • Kelly the Boy from KilanneTony Malone, The Rapparees.
  • Irish DancesIrish Traditional.

What is the most popular Irish rebel song? ›

'Come Out, Ye Black and Tans' tops many 'Best Irish rebel songs of all time' lists. The lyrics speak about the less than admirable activities of the British Army in Ireland.

What music do Irish people listen to? ›

Irish traditional music includes many kinds of songs, including drinking songs, ballads and laments, sung unaccompanied or with accompaniment by a variety of instruments. Traditional dance music includes reels (4/4), hornpipes and jigs (the common double jig is in 6/8 time).

What is the most requested song of all time? ›

Top 200 Most Requested Songs
1Ronson, Mark Feat. Bruno MarsUptown Funk
2JourneyDon't Stop Believin'
3Walk The MoonShut Up And Dance
4CupidCupid Shuffle
150 more rows

Who is Ireland's most famous singer? ›

Bono, the bandleader of U2, is arguably the most famous Irish singer of all time. However, he's not alone: Enya, Sinéad O'Connor, and Van Morrison are also Irish-born and became global music icons. When some people think of Irish music, they often think of Celtic music, Irish folk acts, and the Irish bagpipe.

Who is the most famous Irish? ›

After gaining international fame as part of the rock group U2, Bono may be considered the most famous Irish person today.

What is the Irish song played at funerals? ›

Best Traditional Irish Funeral Songs
  • “Danny Boy” by Frederick Weatherly. ...
  • “The Parting Glass” by Sir Alex Boswell. ...
  • "Going Home" from Dvorak's Symphony No. ...
  • “Nearer My God to Thee” by John McCormack. ...
  • “Carrickfergus” by Celtic Woman. ...
  • “Down by the Salley Gardens” by Steve Forbert. ...
  • “My Lagan Love” by John McCormack.
31 May 2021

What is a Dublin 4 accent? ›

In the early 1980s, a group of people in Dublin 4 developed a different accent, partly in rejection of older views of Irishness. The accent was known as "Dublin 4", "Dartspeak" or later "DORTspeak/Formers Morket" (after the Dublin 4 pronunciation of DART, which runs through the area).

What Irish song Do Liverpool fans sing? ›

The Fields of Anfield Road is a song sung by Liverpool fans. It is sung to the tune of Pete St. John's song "Fields of Athenry".

What is a happy Irish saying? ›

May your heart be light and happy, may your smile be big and wide, and may your pockets always have a coin or two inside!

Why are Irish people so happy? ›

People in Ireland rate their life satisfaction at 7 out of 10, far higher than the OECD average of 6.5. So, what's our secret to a good quality of life? It's a lot of little things, like having access to good public services, a clean and safe environment and having the time to enjoy life.

What are the Irish rebels called? ›

Easter Rising
Easter Rising Éirí Amach na Cásca
Irish rebel forces: Irish Volunteers Irish Citizen Army Fianna Éireann Cumann na mBan Hibernian RiflesBritish forces: British Army Royal Irish Constabulary
Commanders and leaders
10 more rows

Who is greatest Irish band of all time? ›

Who are the best Irish bands of all time?
  • The Dubliners.
  • U2 (one of the most famous Irish bands)
  • The Cranberries (one of the best Irish rock bands)
  • The Pogues.
  • Thin Lizzy.
  • The Horslips.
  • Westlife.
  • The Chieftains.
26 May 2022

What song is the Irish Rovers famous for? ›

Formed in 1963 and named after the traditional song "The Irish Rover" they are best known for their international television series, contributing to the popularization of Irish Music in North America, and for the songs "The Unicorn", "Drunken Sailor", "Wasn't That a Party", "The Orange and the Green", "Whiskey on a ...

What is Irish singing called? ›

Sean-nós singing (/ˈʃænoʊs/ SHAN-ohss, Irish: [ˈʃan̪ˠ n̪ˠoːsˠ]; Irish for "old style") is unaccompanied traditional Irish vocal music usually performed in the Irish language.

What is an Irish guitar called? ›

The Irish bouzouki (Irish: búsúcaí) is an adaptation of the Greek bouzouki (Greek: μπουζούκι). The newer Greek tetrachordo bouzouki (4 courses of strings) was introduced into Irish traditional music in the mid-1960s by Johnny Moynihan of the folk group Sweeney's Men.

What music is played at a Irish wedding? ›

Irish Wedding Songs: Preludes

Many couples having Irish weddings choose Spancil Hill, a traditional Irish folk song, Galway Bay, a soothing Irish air, the plaintive Irish ballad Only Our Rivers Run Free, or Down by the Sally Gardens, another traditional Celtic/Irish folk song.

What are the 5 most recorded songs of all time? ›

Here's 5 of the most covered songs in history
  • “Yesterday” by The Beatles. ...
  • “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. ...
  • “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones: ...
  • “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. ...
  • “Over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg, sung by Judy Garland.
24 Mar 2022

What's the number 1 song in the world ever? ›

According to Guinness World Records, Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" (1942) as performed by Bing Crosby is the best-selling single worldwide, with estimated sales of over 50 million copies.

What song was #1 longest? ›

"Old Town Road" holds the record for the longest stretch at No. 1 with 19 weeks. It also became the fastest song in history to be certified diamond.

Who is the most famous Irish female? ›

12 Famous Irish Women You Should Know About
  • Kathleen Lynn. Kathleen Lynn was born in 1874 in County Mayo. ...
  • Rosie Hackett. Rosie Hackett was born in Dublin in 1892. ...
  • Delia Larkin. Delia Larkin was born in 1878 in Liverpool. ...
  • Elizabeth O'Farrell. ...
  • Julia Grenan. ...
  • Mary Robinson. ...
  • Mary McAleese. ...
  • Sonia O'Sullivan.
3 Jan 2022

Who are 3 famous people born in Ireland? ›

8 Famous Irishmen
  • Liam Neeson. Liam Neeson is an Irish actor who sports an impressive filmography. ...
  • U2. U2 is one of the biggest rock bands in the world, and certainly the biggest ever to emerge from Ireland. ...
  • Pierce Brosnan. ...
  • Colin Farrell. ...
  • Kenneth Branagh. ...
  • Van Morrison. ...
  • Snow Patrol. ...
  • James Joyce.

Who is the richest singer in Ireland? ›

The richest Irish entertainers have been revealed
  • U2 – €645m.
  • Mark Burnett and Roma Downey – €459m.
  • Michael Flatley – €235m.
  • Enya – €117m.
  • Liam Neeson – €113m.
  • Pierce Brosnan – €72m.
  • Sir Van Morrison – €62m.
  • Sir Daniel and Lady Day-Lewis – €55m.

Are Irish people the nicest? ›

According to the survey, almost nine in ten (86%) expats in Ireland describe the Irish people as being generally friendly. This is a great compliment to the Irish people as, for comparison, the global average is just 69%.

What country has the most Irish? ›

The United States has the most people of Irish descent, while in Australia those of Irish descent are a higher percentage of the population than in any other country outside Ireland.

What is the most Irish country? ›

The United Kingdom, which includes Northern Ireland, has the greatest share of Irish migrants – meaning Irish citizens or those born in Ireland, according to the United Nations. The U.K has about 500,000 Irish migrants within its borders. But many times more claim Irish ancestry.

What do the Irish say when someone dies? ›

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.” “Lord, we are grieving now for someone we loved and cherished.

What is a good song for celebration of life? ›

Uplifting funeral and memorial songs

If you want to raise everyone's spirits, play one of these uplifting memorial songs: “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner. “Always Look at the Bright Side of Life” by Monty Python. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

What is the Irish song they play at sporting events? ›

It has become a widely known, popular anthem for Irish sports supporters.
The Fields of Athenry.
"The Fields of Athenry"
GenreIrish folk
Songwriter(s)Pete St. John
1 more row

What is a thick Irish accent called? ›

You may know of a brogue as a thick Irish accent, and that can help you remember another meaning: it's also a thick Irish shoe. Brogues are heavy, sturdy Irish shoes, and they're usually made from untanned hide.

Which English accent is closest to Irish? ›

That said, the Newfoundland accent is very similar to some Irish accents.

Is Liverpool full of Irish? ›

The city is also historically known for its large Irish and Welsh populations. The Liverpool accent (Scouse) is thought to have been influenced by the arrival of Irish and Welsh immigrants. Today, up to 50% of Liverpool's population is believed to have Irish ancestry.

Why do Celtic fans sing Irish songs? ›

Most of the songs and ballads that are sung by Celtic supporters are sung for pride, fun and enjoyment. Some that have been popularised and are a reminder of the events issues and the suffering of the Irish race particularly during the nineteenth century at the time Celtic Football Club was founded.

What is the Irish football song? ›

Put 'Em Under Pressure

What was Saint Patrick's favorite color? ›

The colour blue's association with Saint Patrick dates from the 1780s, when it was adopted as the colour of the Anglo-Irish Order of St Patrick. The term refers to a sky blue used by the Order of St Patrick, often confused in Ireland with a darker, rich blue.

What is the most popular St. Patrick's Day drink? ›

Traditional Drinks for St. Patrick's Day
  • #1 Irish Whiskey. The Irish love their whiskey. ...
  • #2 Stout Beer. Every pub in Ireland serves up draught pints. ...
  • #3 Apple Cider. This alcoholic drink has become very popular in recent years and is often drunk by the pint like beers. ...
  • #4 Cream Liquor.
5 Mar 2015

Why do people drink beer on St. Patrick? ›

The Tradition of Drinking

St. Patrick's Day first started to honor Saint Patrick on the anniversary of his death. The Christian people held a great feast for which Lenten food and alcohol restrictions were temporarily removed, which is why drinking has become synonymous with the holiday.

What do Irish call their lovers? ›

Mo chara” is used for a man or “Mo cara” is for a woman; “Mo Anam Cara” means "my soul mate" and can be found on one of our necklaces, bracelets, rings and even framed art.

What is an Irish woman called? ›

col·leen. (kŏ-lēn′, kŏl′ēn′) n. An Irish girl. [Irish Gaelic cailín, diminutive of caile, girl, from Old Irish.]

What is the most Irish thing to say? ›

Contents hide
  • 1.1 “Top o the mornin to ya!”
  • 1.2 “And the rest of the day to yourself”.
  • 1.3 “To be sure, to be sure”.
  • 1.4 “a pint of the black stuff”
  • 1.5 “He's talking a load of Blarney”
13 Jan 2021

What is considered disrespectful in Ireland? ›

Hugging, touching, or simply being overly physical with others in public is considered inappropriate etiquette in Ireland. Avoid using PDA and respect people's personal space in Ireland.

What personality traits do Irish have? ›

Perhaps the best description comes from the popular historian, Carl Wittke: “The so-called Irish temperament is a mixture of flaming ego, hot temper, stubbornness, great personal charm and warmth, and a wit that shines through adversity.

What is the record When Irish Eyes Are Smiling? ›

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling is a Decca Records album by Bing Crosby of songs with an Irish theme. It was issued as a 10” LP as catalog No. DL 5403.
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (album)
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling: A Collection of Old and New Songs of Erin
Compilation album by Bing Crosby
4 more rows

What is the bird with the prettiest song? ›

Some people believe the thrushes, such as the Wood Thrush, or the Veery, have the most beautiful bird songs. Many people love the cry of the Common Loon.

What is the prettiest country in Ireland? ›

In Northern Ireland, County Antrim is arguably the most beautiful county in the country. County Antrim is a microcosm of the entire country, as within its long boundaries you can find cities, towns, villages, national parks, waterfalls, forests and coastal scenery.

What is the most common Irish eye color? ›

The highest concentration of people with green eyes is found in Ireland, Scotland, and northern Europe. In fact, in Ireland and Scotland, more than three-fourths of the population has blue or green eyes – 86 percent! Many factors go into having green eyes.

Do Irish people have hazel eyes? ›

Hazel eyes, which feature a predominately green iris with a ring of brown or amber near the pupil, are also common in Ireland. Women tend to be more likely to have green eyes, regardless of their ancestry; with men, this distinctive eye color is rarer.

Can Irish people have blue eyes? ›

In Ireland blue eyes are most common in Connacht, where 53% people have them.

What is the sweetest singing bird? ›

#1: Nightingale

Nightingales have inspired many stories and poems. Few birds have inspired as many stories and poems as the nightingale (Luscinia megarrhynchos). This small passerine has enchanted listeners for centuries with its sweet melody.

What is the poorest city in Ireland? ›

The St Mary's Park area of Limerick City is now the most disadvantaged area in Ireland and Dublin has benefitted most from the upturn in the economy. That's according to the latest national “deprivation index” from Pobal.

What is the friendliest county in Ireland? ›

Filled with craic and ceol...and even dancing in the streets, Ennis, County Clare, is the most friendly town in Ireland.

What is the friendliest city in Ireland? ›

Voted the Friendliest City in the World

The Condé Nast Traveler magazine has also voted Galway among the top six friendliest cities in the world. Every year, Condé Nast Traveler asks its readers to decide on their favourite cities around the globe in its Readers Choice Awards survey.

Who is the most famous Irish person today? ›

FAQs about famous Irish people

After gaining international fame as part of the rock group U2, Bono may be considered the most famous Irish person today.

Who is the greatest Irish singer? ›

18 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Irish Singers Of All Time
  • Bob Geldof (The Boomtown Rats)
  • Shane MacGowan (The Pogues)
  • Sinéad O'Connor.
  • Luke Kelly (The Dubliners)
  • Barney McKenna (The Dubliners)
  • Imelda May.
  • Mary Black.
  • Andrea Corr (The Corrs)
19 May 2022

Who is the Irish god of music? ›

In Irish mythology, Cana Cludhmor was the mythical inventor of the harp, and often referenced as an Irish goddess of music, inspiration and dreams.


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